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Abe lincoln hero of our past

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Abe Lincoln Hero of our PastThere have been many tragic heroes throughout history. Some stand out more than others. one comes to mind, John F. Kennedy, for his great leadership abilities. Martin Luther King Jr. took a stand for what he believed was right. Another is Abraham Lincoln, one of Americas first tragic heroes. Tragic heroes have brought something to our lives, someone for kids to look up to, a role model. Most tragic heroes gave something to better society. Without Abraham Lincoln ethnic groups other than Caucasian might not be permitted to attend a school, get a job, or even be happy with their lives.

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Abe lincoln hero of our past
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Abraham Lincoln, in his life accomplished a lot of things that we may only dream about, and a few of us actually live out. Abraham Lincoln dealt with a many hardships. Abraham Lincoln’s brother Thomas died in infancy. Later his mother died, and his father remarried. Abraham’s sister also died in childbirth. But Abraham kept going on.

Lincoln was elected captain of a volunteer company, in Black Hawk War. Abraham was proving to be a good leader, which later lead him to victory. Later in Illinois, Lincoln ran unsuccessfully for the Illinois legislature. Two years later Abe was elected the lower house for the first four successive terms as a Whig. Abraham Lincoln was a humble man, calling farmers “neither better nor worse than any other people.” Lincoln was raised in the Baptist church, and in the Baptist church slavery was taught to be wrong, and not of God. Abraham Lincoln stated his political opinion on this as early as 1837. In 1836 Lincoln became a lawyer, and in 1837 he moved to Springfield, where he became Stuart’s law partner. Lincoln, and Stuart built a successful law practice. Lincoln later went on to serve one term as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, but returned to law after only a year as a member. In 1856 Lincoln decided to join the newly formed Republican Party, with Lyman Trumbull. Two years later he campaigned for Senate against Douglas. Lincoln, and Douglas were in many heated debates about slavery together. Lincoln proved to be the better speaker, and won his first debate, which gave him his first considerable national fame.

In February 1860, Lincoln made his first major political appearance in the Northeast, when he addressed a rally at the Copper Union, in New York. By now Lincoln was well known, and respected as a presidential candidate. The Republic Party’s first choice was William H. Seward. But his qualities were undesirable to the public. Lincoln later was chosen to be the candidate to run against John C. Breckenbridge, Lincoln went on to become the sixteenth President of the United States of America. It was as president that Lincoln began to challenge slavery. He gave many speeches on slavery, and why it is morally wrong, and unfair. By his inauguration in March 1861, seven states had seceded from the union. It was Lincoln who wanted to avoid going to war, but saw it the only way to deliver the slaves from bondage. The North won the war, freeing slaves. It was Abe Lincoln who decided to stand up for what he believed was right, and he eventually succeeded.

Lincoln’s fatal flaw was only that there were so many who opposed his ideas and thought that if they did away with him, they would do away with the freedom of slaves. People say that Lincoln knew that someone would try to kill him eventually, but no one knew when. Lincoln instead of living his life in fear, decided to go about his normal, everyday business. Fighting for more rights of the former slaves. Abe Lincoln was a little like Julius Ceaser who said some thing along the lines of: “Cowards die many deaths, but the brave at heart only die but once.” (Shakespeare)Yes, it was Abe Lincoln who lived his life like this. He had no fear of dying, perhaps it was because he knew where he was going afterward.

Lincoln’s fatal flaw was going to the Ford’s Theater. It was there that while watching a play that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. This is why Abraham Lincoln is a tragic hero. He has accomplished many great things, the most important thing was that he abolished slavery, and is a hero to every one.But he was tragically murdered watching a play. In all of this information on the eventful life of Abraham Lincoln. I hope you Can appreciate the fact that one man stood up to half of the United States and won, but also lost.

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