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This article discusses the importance of finding good resources when researching the topic of abortion. It emphasizes the need for primary sources, including government or organization websites, academic journals, and university-sponsored websites, as well as the importance of the author’s credentials. The article then provides examples of good resources, including www.webmd.com, which provides charts, methods, and definitions related to abortion, and a government website that identifies the characteristics of women who receive abortions. Another resource mentioned is an article that provides information about procedures and rights related to abortion, as well as statistics about women who receive abortions. Overall, the article stresses the importance of finding reliable and relevant sources in order to produce an informative and accurate product.

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According to an article on www. customwritten. com a good resource must be a primary source, which means it is a first hand research experience. Listed below are websites that comes from first hand experience about our specific topic on Abortion. A government or organization website, and or a peer reviewed source from an academic journal. A University sponsored web site is another good resource. The author of the source must have actual reputable credentials.

The relevance of a good source is that it helps to produce a product that is distinguished by its specific information content. Adult Education. (2006). Abortion: Topic Overview. Retrieved November 8, 2008 from http://women. webmd. com/tc/abortion-topic-overview A really good resource I have found on the topic abortion is www. webmd. com. This site collaborates with different doctors around the country and pool resources about the knowledge on different health questions concerning topics like abortion.

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On this specific topic, I was able to find charts, methods and definitions. This site is updated frequently so if there are any changes in medicine wedmd. com will have it. Different point of views can be found on this site but you will not close the page with out an answer. I even have seen that some states like South Dakota that now band abortion for example, and this site really describes and explains in detail abortion. Elam Elans, L. D. , Strauss, L. T. , Herndon, J. , (2000). Abortion Surveillance—United States 2000. Retrieved November 8, 2008 from http://www. dc. gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/ss5212a1. htm On this website, the government researched and began in the year 1969 to identify the characteristic of women who receive abortions. This research continued and compared to the present time which was in 2000 at that time. Obviously, abortions have increased and trying to find a way to begin to decrease abortion. Since, there are so many negative views on abortion in the United States, the only way is to attack abortion to decrease and understand the specific conditions of why women in general receive abortions.

This website will give specific criteria on the ages of the women and where it usually begins at that specific age group. This will include the number of states that has the highest number of abortions. Also, it will include, the gestation age when that abortion was terminated. Adult Education. (2008). Abortion- Types, Procedures Information Article. Retrieved November 9, 2008 from http://www. emedicinehealth. com/abortion/article_em. htm This particular article list all procedures and information that can ease the mind of mothers who want to terminate a pregnancy.

This article explains in detail about affordable counseling for mothers to help decide whether to continue with the pregnancy. It also explains the rights as a mother who needs help from abortion clinics. These rights will explain that the procedure will be confidential and only the mother and the proceeding doctors will have knowledge of. Also, this website lists the types of abortion and more statistics about women receiving abortions.

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