Annotated Bibliography: Barack Obama on Abortion

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Barack Obama; forty fourth president of the United States of America and a candidate of the 2012 election is someone who is part of the Democratic party and someone who is a big supporter of the choice of abortion. Abortion is major controversial issue in the world today and it’s a life changing decision women make every day and everywhere all across the United States. * (Talk of the Nation from NPR News) Talk of the Nation Washington DC (National Public Radio-June 9,2009) This essay is about a radiobroadcast, verbatim, about different issues, in which one is about abortion.

They touch down and start of on the day Barack Obama took office and so on from that day forth about what Congress and the Democratic party has done about the controversy behind the issue under Obama’s policies. The conversation is between a radio host by the name of Neal Conan and a NPR health policy correspond, Julie Rovner. Facts are stated throughout the entire broadcast. This essay will be helpful in my research paper because it gives facts on the issue behind abortion right at the point Obama took office. My paper is about his doings on the particular topic and not what has been done for the issue overall. (Inside Track: Obama reverses abortion policy)

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The New American (february16, 2009)

This essay is strictly about Obama’s decision, made three days after officially being placed in office, to completely drop the “Mexico City Policy eight year restriction on providing proper funding for safer and more efficient abortions in developing countries. ” This article also provides president Obama’s reason for doing so to help poor women and also the pros and cons of his decision in the opinion of another reliable source.

This article would be helpful to my research paper because it gives me an abundance amount on a direct policy that deals with abortion and exactly what Obama has done with that policy. It also provides me with information of the Republican Party opinion. * (Obama and Clinton talk about Abortion) Laura Echevarria (Spring 2008) This essay is about Obama’s response and others who are a part of the major Democratic party on their views on the Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

Obama supports “Abortion-On-Demand” Fulton 2 and his opposition on “the Supreme Court ruling to stop partial – birth abortions. ” This reference also talks about his views on different decision of the U. S. Supreme Court and his plans to not follow under past president George Bush policies on the particular topic. This is helpful to my research paper because it focuses on the actions of the supreme court on abortion and what Obama’s opinions ans plans are for their policies. (Obama list Abortion Rights as key to Court Nomination) Anna Fifield (April 21, 2010) This essay is strictly about Obama and his views on Abortion and having more people in the Supreme Court who support women’s rights and decisions on that particular topic. Obama knows that his decision to pull in someone of that nature can be voted out and so he urges a “smooth process” upon the Republican Party. This article is simply about Obama wanting more people of power under him who supports abortion and women’s decision to do what they want with their bodies and reproduction process just as he does.

This essay is helpful to my research paper because it shows that Obama isn’t really fighting this issue alone. There are others of higher power who support his decisions and there are more supporters he would like to pull into office. * (Obama struggles for Middle Ground on Abortion) All Things Considered Washington, D. C. : National Public Radio) April 30, 2009 This essay is a big wrap up of all my information I have already gathered from my previous resources.

This article talks about the Mexico City Policy, the many different abortion policies, the Supreme Court, and the frustrations Obama face from a reliable source; NPR health correspondent, Julie Rovner and Legislative director by the name of Douglas Johnson who is a part of the National Right to Life Committee. In this article, they pin point on the controversy and whether or not there is a balance in all the madness. This essay is helpful because it provides me with more information on all the details and information I have already received in my other resources.

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