Abortion is Killing of Person

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Think of yourself as a growing baby in the womb. You’re expected to have a life outside after 9 months. Then all that changes and you’re deprived of that life. Abortion in the dictionary is defined as “the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy.” Just because an abortion is legal, that does not make it morally or ethically correct. Human life was created to be lived out whether or not you’re doing it with your biological parents or not. Without abortions the child has its own rights to it’s life, the unborn child can be adopted by someone who can’t have kids, and health risks will be prevented.

Abortion should be illegal because a fetus is a human being, and killing he/she is an act of murder which is an illegal crime. Abortion is wrong no matter if it’s just a fetus you are killing, it has a heart and is living. A child is a owner of its own right once the various developments of a human fetus starts. This is when you’re looking at its own humanity. In the book “Abortion is Immoral” Jeff Jones says “Just as it would be wrong to arbitrarily kill someone like you or me…it is equally wrong to kill fetuses because they also have valuable features.” (Jones) There are seven major induced abortion methods which are used, depending upon the baby’s development in the womb. Each and every one of these surgeries are inhumane and brutal murder. From the very beginning weeks the baby aka “the zygote” has forty six chromosomes.

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Twenty three from the biological mother and twenty three from the biological father. These chromosomes help determine your baby’s sex and physical traits. At six weeks an unborn child is able to experience pain. An unborn baby of eight weeks has established its own set of specific fingerprints, the exact set that, if born, the child will carry into adulthood. All of these are distinct human traits. No matter what stage you go through the abortion procedure you are killing a human being. Abortions were created as an option for women to undo their pregnancies, however just because they don’t want their child doesn’t mean nobody else will. In the article “The effect of abortion costs on adoption in the USA” by Marshall H. Medoff they state “The empirical results find that increases in the price of an abortion and the enforcement of a Parental Involvement Law decrease the number of infants available for adoption in a state.

States that do not fund Medicaid abortions do not have higher rates of infant relinquishment.” Many women who go through abortions see that as the only option out. It’s quicker and less stressful. These women are only thinking about themselves not the human they are killing. Making abortions illegal would result in more children being put up for adoption. There are millions of couples who can’t have kids due to medical issues, and same sex relationships. Giving a child up because you can’t take care of them is once again giving them their humanity. You are allowing them to live and not murdering them through selfish decisions.

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