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Abortion Pro Choice/Pro Life

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    The argument of abortion is one of growing concern in our contemporary world. In the United States, abortion is legal in all fifty states after the 1973 Roe vs. Wade case. In the case, Roe filed a lawsuit that not being able to undergo an abortion was violating her personal liberty and privacy; She won. Abortion is clearly defined as “the deliberate termination of pregnancy. ” Both sides have their points but the ultimate choice of whether to continue legalizing abortion or whether to abolish it lies in the power of the people.

    There are two major groups: pro-choice, and pro-life. Those who are pro-choice believe that individuals have the right to get an abortion for the first 2 trimesters. Those who are pro-life believe that the government has the right to intervene in personal matters and prohibit abortion. There are many arguments from pro-choice and the pro-life that seem arguably, but those who are pro-life have more validity and evidence to back up belief rather than just emotional aspects. Abortion should be abolished because it not only kills an innocent human being, but also puts the person undergoing abortion at risk.

    Since abortion is legal, people use it as a contraceptive; however, if it is banned, it will make couples more careful about the choices they make. “Abortion increases the likelihood of future miscarriages. A June 2003 study published by the peer-reviewed International Journal of Epidemiology estimated that about 15% of first trimester miscarriages are attributed to prior history of induced abortion” (Abortion Risk). Abortion process usually damages the womb of the women that leads to the problems when having children later.

    Research shows that women who have done abortions have a higher chance of having a miscarriage. Statistics show that there is high risk of maternal death when the abortion is processed after first 21 weeks of pregnancy. Another health risk that women might have to suffer due to abortion is breast cancer. “In the early pregnancy, levels of estrogen increase, leading to breast growth in preparation for woman to milk her child” (Pregnancy Interruption, 3). Since estrogen plays a key role in making milk for the baby, when it is stopped because of abortion, immature cells are left behind in the breast of women.

    The research done by National Physicians Center for Family Resources has illustrated those immature cells of estrogens can cause breast cancer. Another reason why women shouldn’t be allowed to have an abortion include that it causes psychological damage. The many surveys and research done by Southern Medical Journal, proves that women who aborted were 154% more likely to commit suicide than those who didn’t abort. Another research done by Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology indicates, “men whose partners had abortions found that 51. 6% of the men reported regret, 45. % felt sadness, and 25. 8% experienced depression” (Abortion Decisions, 1). Abortion usually cause post-abortion trauma in a women’s life; guilt and regret causes depression. Women shouldn’t risk their lives by doing abortion. “The abortion industry makes an estimated $831 million annually” (Abortion for profit). An abortion usually cost more than $400 and some places even more than $1000. These companies are more into making money than supporting their client. Women shouldn’t risk their lives by trusting these cheap mentality companies.

    People who are pro-choice argue “Access to abortion is necessary because contraceptives are not always easily available. Women need doctor prescriptions to buy many birth control methods, such as the pill, the patch, the shot, and the diaphragm. About half of all large group-insurance plans do not cover any form of prescription contraception, and only a third cover the birth control pill” (Health Benefits). Women should use contraceptives instead of doing abortion. Women should be aware about how costly and health degradable abortion is. They should choose birth control methods if they don’t want to have baby.

    A study from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that around 25% of the women who have abortion in 2006 had one to two abortions beforehand. Women know abortion is available so they aren’t as careful in choosing birth control methods. Having abortions readily available is causing women to be careless and use abortions as if it were a contraceptive. According to Kanwaljeet J. S. Anand a famous professor of pediatrics states, fetuses feel pain during an abortion. Abortions done later than first few weeks of pregnancy can cause pain fetus.

    The Sixth Commandment of the Bible it says, “Thou shalt not kill,” abortions directly oppose the Holy Bible. Even religion, condemns the act of abortion. Women should stop thinking about abortion as their contraceptive. If a couple doesn’t want their baby after pregnancy, they can give him or her up for adoption instead of undertaking a cruel act. “Over two million couples are waiting to adopt babies, and only 134,000 US children are available to be adopted as of June 2002” (Forgotten Option, 1) Humans are born with the potential to contribute to our society.

    Having an abortion is depriving the right of our society to acquire great knowledge. Who knows which children can end up becoming our future doctors, engineers, lawyers, and scientists? Another idea brought up by the pro-choice group is that maternity should not be a punishment for having had sexual intercourse. However, having sex is not a mistake, it’s a choice. Those who choose to have intercourse should be prepared to deal with the consequences as well. If someone is not ready for a baby, they should not be doing things that lead to such results.

    Likewise, if a couple is having sexual intercourse but are not ready for the responsibility of a baby, they should be taking the correct precautions to make sure that such situations do not arise. There are many applicable contraceptives that could be used; although they are not one hundred percent effective, they are efficient. Abortion is not a contraceptive; it is murdering a fetus that would have come into this world. Using abortion is not an acceptable backup for mistakes committed by careless adults; it is a grave mistake itself.

    Abortion should be stopped because it is not only killing a baby, but also putting the person undergoing abortion at risk. Innocent unborn babies also have a right to live and their right must also be protected. With many problems pertaining to health, physiological, breast cancer, and many more, women should not have right to abortion. Undergoing abortion is not only harmful for the women undergoing the abortion, but it also takes away great knowledge that could have contributed to our society. Works Cited “Abortion ProCon. org. ” Abortion ProCon. rg. ProCon, 5 Feb. 2013. Web. 18 Mar. 2013. <http://abortion. procon. org/>. “Abortion for Profit,” Abort73. com, Oct. 15, 2009. Web. 18 Mar. 2013. Ann Kurth, PhD, et al. “Reproductive and Sexual Health Benefits in Private Health Insurance Plans in Washington State,” Family Planning Perspectives, July/Aug. 2001. Web. 18 Mar. 2013. Annie Murphy Paul, “The First Ache,” New York Times Magazine, Feb. 10, 2008. Web. 18 Mar. 2013. American Medical Association (AMA), “H-5. 995 Abortion,” www. AMA- ASSN. org, Mar. 12, 2010. Web. 18 Mar. 2013.

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