“Pro-life vs. Pro-choice: The Abortion Debate”

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Abortion is one of the most debated issues that we face in our society. A citizen can decide whether they are pro-life or pro-choice, either way it will normally strike up a debate. Pro-life is a view that the unborn child has rights, just like his or her mother. They believe as soon as the child is conceived at conception, they are a human being. Pro-choice believes that the mother of the child, have the right to decide when to have children, if they get pregnant and it is unplanned, or they no longer want the baby they can choose to abort the baby. As we know, it is now legal to abort your baby all the way up to the birth date in New York. March for Life 2019-Washington D.C.- Full Video appeals to viewers sense of logic through use of real facts of how brutal abortion is, personal testimonies of women that either were going to, and decided not or did get an abortion, and appearances of famous pro-life advocates.

When trying to persuade someone that is pro-choice and not pro-life it is important to include statistics and real facts of how brutal abortion is. When watching this video, it captured the true facts of what goes on in an abortion and how brutal it can be. There have been sixty million babies killed since the Roe versus Wade bill passed. Sixty-seven to ninety percent of those preborn babies have been diagnosed with down syndrome and have been chosen to die. Children that need maybe the little bit of extra love than the a-typical child. Children with mental disabilities are so special, sometimes they are more thoughtful than most “normal” children. Just because a child will be born with a genetic disease does not mean we are saving it from hardship, we are still killing another human being. Every child is a gift from God. He has a plan for them as well. In Jerimiah 1:5, it states “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.” So even before, a child is conceived, God had a plan for their life. As Mia Love said in the video “Every time we kill a child, we strip ourselves of potential.” When Mia was speaking about this, she was explaining how God has a plan for each child. You do not know if that child is going to be the next president, or the doctor who finds a cure for Alzheimer’s or cancer, or maybe just a child that makes a huge impact on another child. We cannot except the “what might have been”. We need to think of what that child could do, and not the past and the what could that child have done to change the world. As Mother Teresa quotes “Abortion is a crime that kills not only the child, but the conscience of all involved.” Mother Teresa foresees the results of such unashamed immortality. By legalizing such acts of murder opens anyone who participates or stands for abortion to the self-indulgence of immortality and lack of ethics.

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When trying to persuade America’s view on the pro-life issue, they brought in several famous pro-life advocates. As Ben Shapiro speaks about how our country was founded and how it scoped into humanity. Children used to be our most prized possession, entrusted to us by God, given to us with care and love. As Shapiro discusses that in our society something happened to our practicality and we decided to start erasing our potential. We decided that the present was more important than the future. We have started to go for convenience, instead of going for more importantly, basic decency. As Americans, we decided that we could just blot out millions of souls that could not protect themselves and could not speak for themselves. We dehumanized the most innocent human-being. As citizens, we lied to ourselves that these little human beings are not biologically humans. Ben Shapiro says:

America pretended that human beings with DNA that was different from their fathers and mothers, human beings producing their own red blood cells by twelve weeks, their own fingerprints by week eight, their own developing eyes legs and hands by week five, their own forming nervous systems by week three. We pretended these were not human beings, human lives at all, but disposable balls of meat.

We made euphemisms to make the thought of killing a baby easier, such as the words termination, abortion and choice. What we were really participating in is the mass killing of the unborn. These children that would never be able to be held, open their eyes, never know what the sunshine looks or feels like, they would never become parents and grandparents. As President Donald Trump speaks, he speaks about how precious and beautiful the newborn child’s soul is. He states that “every life has meaning and that every life is worth protecting.” While he has been in office he proposed to prohibit the Title Ten Taxpayer funding from going to any clinic that performs abortions. He is supporting the loving choice of adoption and foster care. Especially the ones that are faith-based. He believes that every child is a gift from God. As the theme for the March for Life Movement it is Unique from Day One. Trump stresses this, because every child is unique, no matter how their physical or mental state is.

During the March for Life, there were appearances of women that did get an abortion or was going to and decided not to. Women that had a baby out of wedlock did better than those who aborted and had to deal with the physical and psychological pains. To hear the stories of the women that went through the abortion, were heartbreaking. They were regretting with going through the procedure, they were stuck on the what-ifs, and how would my life be today, if I just had the baby. After having an abortion many women seek out for help, whether that is seeing a psychologist or medicine. But then there are the stories of hope, the women that were going to have an abortion, and then opted out because they saw their baby on the ultrasound screen. These women are enjoying life with their little ones and are not suffering with physical or psychological pain. They are doing a lot better than those that did have an abortion. As shared in the video, the OB/GYN interns are now required to perform an abortion, or they can opt out for conscience ethics, but if they do this it is frowned upon greatly. I personally believe that is morally wrong, I think that this rule should not apply to interns, it should be a personal choice and not a requirement. As Dr. Cathy Altman (OB/GYN) spoke, she told the story about how she performed abortions for years. She used to believe that abortion was a woman’s right, and her belief in abortion became strengthened whenever she got pregnant and had an abortion herself. She then terribly regretted this decision later. She also states

Medical students and residents are taught that abortion is a normal part of women’s healthcare, the pro-life view is discouraged, it is difficult for pro-life students to get into medical schools and residences especially OB/GYN. Professors can lose their positions if they express pro-life opinions. ACOG the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist who should be the most pro-life are staunchly pro-abortion.

As Dr. Altman is telling her testimony about how she became pro-choice to pro-life, she tells the audience that she never considered what the baby was experiencing, it was all about what the mother wanted, because that is who her patient was, the baby was just a fetus. Whenever the baby was wanted it was a baby, but it was just a fetus if it was unwanted. And so this made it easier for her to perform abortions. After she had her daughter, she made the connection between fetus and baby and could no longer do abortions. “The fact that the baby was unwanted was no longer a reason enough for me to kill it…pregnancy is not a person it’s the medical condition of the mother. Help people see what’s in the womb is a person with their own unique characteristics and potential. Not just a blob of tissue” Dr. Altman states. Most people see just a blob of tissue, but biology tells us that a unique human organism forms at conception. There is now a program called And Then There Were None ran by Abby Johnson she educates the public on pro-life issues, advocates for the unborn, and reaches out to abortion clinic staff who still work in the industry. The focus of her ministry is to assist abortion clinic workers in transitioning out of the industry. She was the Parenthood director, that used to coerce them into having an abortion. She used to believe that abortion was always the right decision for an unplanned pregnancy. But after she saw a thirteen-week-old baby, fight and struggle for his life in the womb during an abortion procedure, her life was changed. She left our countries largest abortion provider, she found the ministry. She has helped the conversion of almost five-hundred abortion workers.

To conclude, all human life, born or unborn has value to it. March for Life 2019-Washington D.C.- Full Video appealed to the viewers sense of logic through use of real facts of how brutal abortion is, personal testimonies of women that either were going to, and decided not or did get an abortion, and appearances of famous pro-life advocates. These points are compelling. Life is precious, no matter how small.

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