About My Interest In The Business And Accounting Field

Education is one of our most valuable intangible assets and I think that investing in acquiring a well-rounded preparation, as well as good values and attitudes towards our world is one of the best ways to contribute significantly to the global innovation and progress. This is my current goal and I believe that going to university is one of the most important personal investments to do in order to pursue it.

Growing under the influence of my parents, who did not have the financial possibilities to go to university, I have been able to understand the importance of learning and to feel grateful for it. I have felt pleasure in challenging myself at school and fulfilling my never ending curiosity.

It is exactly out of curiosity that my interest in the business and accounting field started. During one of my history lessons, I had to analyse some early accounting and business practices from the 15th century Venice and the ninth chapter of the book “Summa de arithmetica, geometria, proportioni et proportionalita” by Luca Pacioli. I was fascinated by the procedures and systems that were needed for a successful business and I investigated more about its applications nowadays. I have tried to understand the subject through auditing online courses delivered by “Coursera” and reading international newspapers such as the “Guardian” and “BBC”, and Italian ones. Over the time I started speculating about future possibilities and challenges of companies and people who operate in such a dynamic and international environment.

Also, since business is a very globalised and enterprising field and the United Kingdom is one of the most influential economic and financial centres in the world, I would love to attend university in this country.

My first accounting and business experience was when I was elected class representative by my classmates. I did my best to support my companions and mediate between students and teachers at meetings, but the part that I enjoyed the most was managing the administrative matters of my class, organising and registering data, documents and money for outside activities. Even though it was a pressuring role, I did not have problems, since I am used to being responsible and patient, being the oldest of four siblings. This has also enabled me to enhance my creative part, which is reflected in some of my extracurricular activities such as playing the flute, writing song lyrics and cooking, other than swimming.

My creative part has been important in my high school team projects too. In those occasions, I was amazed to see how from confrontation with other people came many interesting plans and ideas, and I felt accomplished when projects paid off the efforts.

My degree would also involve the study of foreign languages, since the globalisation of business makes it extremely important to be able to communicate to international clients, in order to understand their needs, make them feel more comfortable and show them respect and consideration. This would be the first step to build trust and stronger networks.

My passion for languages is probably influenced by the fact that I come from Moldova and I have been living in Italy since a very young age. My cultural diversity has made me more open-minded, curious and attentive to details.

Another experience that has impacted me is my two-months-job as an Au Pair in Germany last summer. Other than practicing German, I confronted myself with another cultural context and became more indipendent and acquaintanced to live far from home.

Moreover, languages significantly shape who we are and I believe that studying one is useful to discover new parts of us. That is why I have been studying German and Spanish, other than English, during high school and I intend to pick up a new language at university to challenge myself and open other opportunities.

I am willing to put effort into my studies during university to gradually become a sympathetic employee who is also capable, hard-working, respected and admired. I want to be able to work with diligent people, achieve common goals and give an impactful contribution to business.

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