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Radiology, Pathology, Labratory, and Internal Medicine

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1. How many levels of Surgical Pathology are there?
Answer: 6

2.Which of the following is the correct CPT code for an intermediate visual field examination, Humphrey suprathreshold automatic diagnostic test? Answer: 92082

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Radiology, Pathology, Labratory, and Internal Medicine
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3. _________ are the radioisotopes that attach themselves to red blood cells. Answer: Tracers

4. The endocrinology subsection 95250, 95251 is used to report what kind of monitoring? Answer: Glucose

5. The Cardiovascular subsection contains diagnostic/therapeutic procedures and services that are primarily divided on the procedure or services are Answer: Invasive or Noninvasive

6. What does the abbreviation EMG stand for?
Answer: Electromyography

7. In what section would locate codes to report venipunctures and arterial punctures? Answer: Surgery

8. When submitting claims for radiologic services in which only the technical component was provided, the correct radiologic CPT would be followed by which modifier? Answer: TC

9. Which of the following is not one of the body regions listed within the CPT manual relating to osteopathic manipulative treatment? Answer: Caudal

10. Which modifier indicates that hydration was provided prior to or following chemotherapy? Answer: -59

11. Codes 90951-90962, ______, deals with permanent dialysis. Answer: End-Stage Renal Disease Services

12. What if the modifier reported when a physician component is reported separately? Answer: -26

13. ______ is the pushing of liquid into the body over a long period of time. Answer: Infusion

14. Which of the following would describe reporting for 60 minutes of a patient’s prosthetic training? Answer: 97761 x 4

15. Which of the following medicine code is reported in addition to the basic service code when a service is provided after hours on Monday? Answer 99050

16. CPT codes for the ______ subsection report therapies such as nebulizer treatments spirometry. Answer: Pulmonary

17. If an established patient is given an immunization during an office visit, and that’s the only service provided, what codes would be use to report the service? Answer: A Medicine section code and an administration code

18. ______ routes the blood, including waste products, outside the body through filters. Answer: Hemodialysis

19. A simple hearing aid check, monaural, would be assigned with CPT code? Answer: 92592

20. _____ is a procedure performed to assess the intraocular pressure of the eye. Answer: Tonometry

21. The high frequency sound waves that create images used to diagnose patient illness are called Answer: Ultrasound

22. CMS issued new guidelines that were originally titled Medically Unbelievable Edits (MUEs), but then CMS changed the name to _____ Answer:
Medically Unlikely Edits

23. ______ must always be documented in the patient record and is the major billing factor for reporting codes in the Psychiatric subsection. Answer: Time

24.Calculation of an isodose place for brachytherapy, single place, two sources, simple, is coded as ____ Answer: 778326

25. _____ is the term for grouped laboratory work that represents those tests commonly performed together. Answer: Panel

26. In the Pathology/Laboratory section of the CPT, drugs are listed by their _____ names. Answer: Generic

27. _____ studies assess motor nerve function along with the entire nerve. Answer: F-wave

28. Outpatient dialysis are usually reported on a _____ basis. Answer: Monthly

29. The correct CPT code for an established patient, comprehensive, opthalmologic examination, would be _____ Answer: 92014

30. _______ is a radiology technique that uses magnetism, radio waves, and a computer to produce images of body structures. Answer: MRI

31. What subsection of Pathology/Laboratory dealings the laboratory work performed to determine cellular changes? Answer: Cytopathology

32. What type of drug measures the presence of a drug in the specimen? Answer: Qualitative

33. ______ views refer to those obtained while the body is rotated so it’s not fully anteroposterior or posteroanterior but is somewhat diagonal.
Answer: Oblique

34. Which of the following modes or scans implies a two dimensional ultrasonic scanning procedure with display of both two-dimensional structure and motion with time? Answer: Real-time scan

35. _____ services are add-on codes reported along with bronchoscopy and endoscopy services. Answer: Photodynamic therapy

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