Abuse Essay

There are many different causes of abuse.

Some on the abuser may now what there doing and some may not, some even may think that they are punishing their child or even punishing there spouse. Some of the reason some people might abuse another person could be because they believe in physical abuse; and the abuser was abused as a child. There also some ways to help the abuser to stop abusing, such as getting some help for their problem.Some abusers believe in physical punishment.

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Sometimes it may be fine, like a little spank on the bottom, but when it comes down to being other places or even causing burse then it is wrong. When a parent believes in physical punishment then they might think that they have the right to hit the child when ever and where ever. The parent might even start getting out of control and abusing the child when they are stress or when they are just mad.

Some abuser will abuse there children and/or their spouse.

The reason for this is because as a child they where abused and don’t know anyway out of the cycle. Most of the time when children are abused as children they might not think it’s ok for that to happen and wish not to repeat what they have gone through. Sometimes that’s not the case sometimes they do end up abusing people they know or even people they love. At first they may not realize what they are doing but in the end they may figure it out when that love one has left them.

After the love one has left the abuser, or after the abuser realizes what she or he is doing they might get help if they really want to change their ways. There are many different ways to get help. One of them is an anger management program. Half of the time when someone abuses a person it is because they are very angry and cannot control their anger.

There is also an anonymous group that they could attend to. With an anonymous group they can maybe hear about how others have beaten a loved one, and how they realized what they where doing. With people telling their stories it might help the abuser to realize he or she is not alone.The way people are brought up in abusive home they learn to be abusive, but not all the time that happens, but when that happens they sometimes want to get help or just don’t realize they have a problem.

People may want to help the abuser out but the abuser cannot get help unless they want it. When they are ready to get help there are always places they can go.

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