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International Legal and Ethical Issues Introduction International business brings a whole new dimension of legal and ethical issues. There are challenges in resolving legal disputes in international transactions and additional considerations when taking legal action against a foreign company. There may also be a conflict of customs and laws between the businesses and the companies they operate in. International Disputes Court and legal systems can operate in very different fashions from country o country.

To protect themselves, business should include a dispute resolution clause within the contract and clearly identify jurisdiction. This would allow for alternate dispute resolution between the two parties in a more neutral setting. Additionally when taking action against a foreign business partner one should consider the laws in the other country. A US law may be very different from the foreign country law and vice versa. Local Customs Law Local customs law should also be considered when doing business in a reign land.

When conducting business in a foreign land, their custom laws will prevail, regardless of where the company originates. If the company resides in the US, if operating Burma then their customs laws would override those of the United States. Domestic and Foreign Law Domestic and foreign issues are very different and have many different aspects to them. While domestic laws are usually governed by the same body, the Constitution in the United States for example, international law can be overfed by a multitude of sanctioning bodies and governments.

International law is a much more challenging affair. Conclusion As displayed in the simulation Addressing International Legal and Ethical Issues, international business can be quite complex. From how to address international disputes, to varying business and customs laws, to variable governing bodies all should be taken in to account before conducting business in a foreign country. These laws and considerations should be taken in to account before embarking on such an endeavor.

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