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The Ethical Issue Behind Stem Cells 

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    The Ethical Dilemma behind Stem Cells

    Stem Cells are basically cells that can be grown to make more cells. They are used to replace neurons, primarily for those who have diseases. This has caused an ethical conflict, due to the way they are received. Stem Cells are harvested from embryos that are around 4 days old. These are basically cells that can divide up and multiply in order to form any type of cell. This is what makes it easier to stop diseases, because the embryos can help out with any particular muscle group, organ, tissue, etc. However, this process does hurt the embryo, which is why people have began to question whether this technology is ethical or not.

    Pros of Stem Cells

    While some believe that the harvesting of stem cells is against many morals and should be non negotiable, others argue that the pros outweigh the cons. They can agree that the method of retrieving stem cells can be a negative, but it has also been stated that if so many people are benefiting from this new technology it’s okay to have one negative. For example, stem cells could quite possibly be the cure for illnesses we know as fatal today, such as a variety of cancers, Alzheimer’s, and even Parkinson’s. This new technology can be life saving and will change how doctors can treat their patients. Stem Cells Think about it like this; so many people are dying and suffering from fatal illnesses, the use of stem cells is an easy way out and can help all of these people. There is never going to be a perfect solution to any problem, there will always be conflict and not everyone is going to be happy. It is just unattainable to make everyone agree on things, especially with such a controversial topic like stem cells. Therefore, if the number of pros greatly outweigh the cons, it’s clearly best solution scientists and researchers have made possible; at least for the time being with our current state of technology.

    Cons of Stem Cells

    In opposition to those who believe that there are more pros than there are cons, others state that while there may be fewer cons, the weight of the cons is much heavier than that of the pros. For example, yes this can help cure illnesses, but it is just as effective as some of the other treatments already out there. In addition, the way stem cells are harvested is very unethical and goes against all morals. If an embryo is beginning to develop, it is just simply not right to strip it of its life. While people are suffering and dying from illnesses, this method still just isn’t right. It can be very difficult to have someone close to you, such as friends or family, be diagnosed with a serious disease, and it is painful to have to let them go, but at the same time, that’s life. No one wins at life, it’s not fair and it’s understandable to grieve for the loss of your loved ones, but that’s natural. Everything happens for a reason and people should not be trying to control who lives and who dies. However, by killing an embryo for the use of curing another person, people are basically trying to control nature. Who knows what that baby could have grown up to be, what if it was someone like Albert Einstein, or George Washington? That one embryo (who could very well have been our future president) is being destroyed, just to attempt saving someone who is already going to to die from their illness soon enough. Therefore, while doctors and scientist believe they are doing the right thing to save one person, they’re basically killing another. Which leads to the idea that they really aren’t saving anyone. Sure, stem cells may allow an ill person to live a couple more months, but is that really worth taking an innocent baby’s life?

    Stem Cells Overall

    In conclusion, there is quite a bit of controversy surrounding this subject, and no answer is necessarily the right one. Different people have morals for themselves that aren’t always the same as everyone else’s. Everyone is given the right of their own opinion, and people are just going to have to chose a side based on their situation and opinion on the topic.

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