Advantages of Festivals

Advantages of Festivals – 1 Festivals celebration is the the culture we got from our past generations. According to the history these festivals are celebrated when they achieve something (symbol of victory),or on the occasions where they are benefited (crop gain,happy with some gatherings etc). These festival celebrattions have got following advantages: 1. Increase the relations among the people 2. Create an opportunity to the people of community to share their feeling and exchange their ideas and thoughts. Additional help to discuss their problems also. 3.

If we consider the families , they gather together and have some fun with all the relatives which is a great mental relaxation and enrich family relations. 4. Will help to be happy at least on those festival days (One forgets individual problems ) 5. Build social relations and social communication which leads to unity among the people. 6. It also help us in preserving our culture and heritage . 7. The present generation know about our customs and practices during these celebrations. Today,every one is busy and unable to celebrate festivals which is not good with respect to human relation building.

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Due to work and busy schedules people are not in a position to celebrate . These festivals definitely help in building relations among the people. Advantages of Festivals – 2 Festivals in india are so important. In hindu relgion we are having lot of gods and godess. More that that in our country the people from various religions are also living. So, each of them will celebrate there own festival for their sprituality. Every year a lot of festivals in celebrated in India. These festivals are celebrated with a lot of enthusiasim and are looked forward for with a lot of egarness.

Although these festivals also share different kind of rituals. These rituals are very imporatnt in terms of the importance that is given to these festivals and the proper process that is followed for these festivals. Rituals that are performed with utmost care to provide a very astheric and spiritual experience for the festival. These rituals for Indina festivals have been followed for past several centuries with the same respect that was used several hundred years ago. Every Indian festival have different rituals and prayers that are followed.

Every day of weekday have a differnt stories (see hindu fasts) and different reason behind having these seven days. Apart from just Hindu festivals there are also several muslim festivals that follow rituals of their own and is known as Azzan and is performed when a child is born or after the new born baby is given its first bath. This ritual is followed and prayers are offered to god. This process is followed so that the first name that the child hears is that of the god. Hence festivals are more important for countries like india.

Advantages of Festivals – 3 Indian Festivals celebrated by varied cultures and through their special rituals add to the colours of Indian Heritage. Some festivals welcome the seasons of the year, the harvest, the rains, or the full moon. Others celebrate religious occasions, the birthdays of divine beings, saints, and gurus (revered teachers), or the advent of the New Year. A number of these festivals are common to most parts of India. However, they may be called by different names in various parts of the country or may be celebrated in a different fashion.

Many festivals celebrate the various harvests; commemorate great historical figures and events, while many express devotion to the deities of different religions. Every celebration centres around the rituals of prayer, seeking blessings, exchanging goodwill, decorating houses, wearing new cloths, music, dance and feasting. In India every region and every religion has something to celebrate. The festivals reflect the vigour and life-style of its people. Vibrant colours, music and festivity make the country come alive throughout the year. The emphasis laid on the different festivals differs in different parts of the country.

For instance, Navaratri is celebrated with maximum fervour in West Bengal as compared to that in other parts of the country. Holi is celebrated with gusto in the north, and although it is also observed in the western and eastern parts of India, in the south it is almost unknown. There are also a few regional festivals like Pongal in Tamil Nadu; Onam in Kerala and the various other temple festivals devoted to the specific patron Gods and Goddesses of the temples, which are celebrated exclusively in those areas, which may be limited to one or a few villages.

This galaxy of festivals that exist do contribute in inter-spicing Indian life with gaiety and colour as also in giving the country the distinction of having the maximum number of holidays. The portal for Festivals of India, www. festivalsofindia. in, is the stage drafted to endow the browser with rituals, traditions, legends held behind different festivals, vis-a-vis providing an interactive media to seek the suggestions, guidance and knowledge of our viewers.

The portal has a month-wise listing of different festivals celebrated throughout India with great enthusiasm, from January to December schedule of all the festivals. Pragati Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. has taken the initiative to provide www. festivalsofindia. in as one interactive platform that could open the door to the vivid festivals of India, providing the detailed information regarding the rituals, traditions and legends of the festivals.

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