Describing festivals in Malaysia Essay

Malaysia is a land known of its multicultural and multireligious culture - Describing festivals in Malaysia Essay introduction. As this country is made up of different races, it inevitably celebrates a variety of festivals. To the Chinese the most important festival is the Chinese New Year, which usually falls on the month of January or February. Before the festival, throngs of shooppers head for shops in search of oranges, new year titbits, new clothes and etc. The Chinese also make it a point to settle all debts before the new year begins. On the eve of the new year, families det together for a special reunion dinner.

Younger unmarried members of the families receive red packets containing money when they visit relatives and friends. The Muslims celebrate Hari Raya Puasa which marks the end of the Muslim month of fasting. The festival begins with prayers at the mosque early in the morning. Some people visit the cemetery to pray for family members who have departed. After that, there are visits to relative’s house and feasts. The most popular dish during this time will be the ketupat which is made from rice, chicken or beef rendang, a dish that is cooked with a lot of coconut milk.

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Describing festivals in Malaysia
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Green packets containingmoney will also be distributed during this festival. Deepavali or the festival of lights is celebrated by the hindus. Homes of hindus are decorated with little lamps which symbolise the victory of good over evil. On this auspicious day, hindus dress in new clothes will go yo the temple in the morning to pray. Then, they either visit their friends or invite friends over to their homes for feast. These festivals of different races have opened up chances for Malaysians to know and understand the cultures of others. This situation will definitely build up the spirit of unity among the people in this fortunate land.

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