Two Different Festivals Oman And Italy Tourism

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Harmonizing to Oxford dictionary the definition of festival is A series of different types of public presentations which includes movie show, music, dance, just etc. And it besides occurs in the same topographic point and the same twenty-four hours in one time a twelvemonth.

Festival is that things which is the facet of a state. It ‘s standing for people amusements and the historical background of a state. Festival is organized by people or group or organisation.

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Different sorts of festivals are found in a state such as cultural festival, local festival, national festival, ritual festival etc. cultural festival is really of import festival. It represents the civilization and heritage of one state. Now inquiries can originate that what is cultural festival, how people celebrate it, and so on. For giving the replies of these inquiries I have decided to take two different states ‘s and happen out the cultural festival of these states and besides seek to do a comparison and contrast of these two festival to demo the differences and similarities.

States that I choose:

For doing contrasts and comparisons of two different festivals I have choose two different states for this intent. The states are Oman and Italy.


Oman is an Asiatic state. It ‘s situated in the center of Asia. It has many cultural contents which make Oman rich and for a immense affluent of cultural contents Oman is besides known as the civilization capital of the Arabian world..


Italy is a European state. It ‘s located in south-central of Europe.

Italy have many cultural ingredients which make Italy exceeding so others state.

Festivals that I choose:


In Oman the most regular, popular and important festival is “ MUSCAT FESTIVAL ” .

This festival is one of the traditional festivals in Oman. The abodes of Muscat thirstily wait for this twenty-four hours in every twelvemonth. Through this festival people celebrate their cultural heritage.


In Italy the most anticipate, common and popular festival is Venice festival. It ‘s called in Italy ( Carnevale di Venzia ) .

It ‘s an ancient festival of Italy. Peoples all over the Italy delay for this festival really enthusiastically really non merely merely Italian people but besides the European people wait for this arresting festival.


Muscat festival:

The beginning of this festival is really significance. It starts in 1998 since so its traveling on really proudly. This festival established to acquire back the cultural heritage of Oman ‘s people.

Venice festival:

The Venice Festival is the most internationally known festival celebrated in Venice, Italy, every bit good as being one of the oldest. It begins in the fifteenth century. During the 1970s, the Italian authorities decided to convey back the history and civilization of Venice, and sought to utilize the traditional Carnival as the centrepiece of their attempts.



Both were established to convey back the cultural bequest of their state.


Venice festival is more ancient than Muscat festival.

Duration of these festivals:

Muscat festival: It ‘s held in January of every twelvemonth and go oning for a month.

Venice festival: it ‘s held in February of every twelvemonth and go oning for few yearss ( 10 or 14 ) .


Muscat festival:

Oman ‘s people celebrate their festival really spectacularly. On these yearss ‘ different types of public presentations held in Muscat. The list of public presentations is categorized into Cultural Events, Desert Panorama, Family Village Events, Skill Shows and Events for Women.

By executing on music ‘s and dances many local and international creative persons increase the captivation of this festival. Local creative persons normally sing their common people vocals and execute traditional dances.

For adults people different types of plans are held by celebrated Omani and Arab rational. Like treatment and argument on earthly and environmental subjects. There are besides different artistic, educational workshop, parades, seminars, poesy readings, literary assemblages and exhibition.

This festival is really welcome by kids. Because of this festival they find tremendous felicity. This is the immense chance for them to bask and carry through their wants. Through this festival they can go to concert, game show, theaters and so on.

Venice festival:

In Venice festival people wear mask to mask themselves. as have oning masks hid any signifier of individuality between societal categories. By have oning mask people attend everyplace.

Venice festival nowadayss many events such as music, concert dance, pyrotechnics dark, mardi gras, theater and circus street amusements all around the metropolis.

This is a festival for passing money. On this festival people spend a immense sum of money lavishly on the intent of gaming and other worldly pleasance. For chancing many gamble boots are set up all over the streets.

For represent alien animate beings and bird many lairs, boots are set up. In add-on to jugglers and ropedancers executing on the streets ; wine stores, eating houses, coffeehouse and even whorehouses.

For doing this festival more attractive many competitions are held for the participants and witnesss along the manner. Some of these include the Best Mask Contest for kids and Music Concert Contests for local sets.



Both of these festivals represent the cultural position of their ain state.

Both of these festivals have the same entertaining beginnings such as concerts, theaters, game shows etc.


In Venice festival people have a great opportunity to pass money lavishly but in Muscat festival people spend money but non every bit like as Italian people.

The chief attractive force of Venice festival is to have on mask people wear their traditional mask for this festival but Muscat festival does n’t incorporate this type of thing.

In Muscat festival there is a small town which represent the cultural heritage of Muscat but Venice festival do n’t include this type of thing.

The chief attractive force of these festivals:

Venice festival ( Venitian mask ) :

Masks have ever been a cardinal characteristic of the Venetian festival. The masks are created by specially appointed craftsmen called the Mask Makers. Wearing mask people come out down route for observing this festival.

Muscat festival ( Autochthonal small town ) :

A monolithic heritage small town is set up to showcase Oman ‘s rich traditions and heritage, and visible radiation is shed on Muscat ‘s history and its assorted humanistic disciplines and trades. This small town is known as Autochthonal small town. This small town locates in the Qurum National Park.

Significance of this festival:


This festival has baronial intent and that is no difference between rich and hapless. This favoritism is lapped by have oning musk.

This festival besides gives an chance to allow travel of everything and merely bask life like it was meant to be.

But among all the joyousness of the masks, there sometimes appears a black mask of Death – reminding people at the carnival that nil lasts everlastingly.


This festival stands for people diversion and amusement.

This festival exposes the heritage and civilization of Oman. And by this the new coevalss are able to take the relish of their state ‘s ancient civilization and heritage.



Both of these are base for entertaining people.

Both of these festivals are base for baronial ground.


Venice festival gives a great attempt to take societal differences on the other manus Muscat festival accent on exposing their civilization.

On Venice festival people wear mask but Muscat festival people do n’t hold to make this.

Recently celebrated festivals:


Muscat festival of 2007 was started on 1st January and goes on 2nd February. The subject of the festival was ‘Living Culture and Family Fun ‘ . Every twelvemonth this festival has its ain subject.

Figure 1: The logo of Muscat festival

Figure 2: Festival image of kids games

On this twenty-four hours different types of public presentations like Arab music public presentation, Indian music public presentation were held. For kids and grownup there were kids and grownup theater. In whole the festival was the for that clip.

Venezia: Venice Carnival of 2007 was begun on 9th February and stop on 20th and it was a successful festival. There were concerts, dances, games and so on. Peoples had a great amusement and merriment.


Figure1: people have oning with


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