Advertising religion Essay

Thesis: Is Religion Fine in Advertising

Introduction: In Human Nature, There is a Tendency to use Religion in Advertising. The Use of religion

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In advertising is righteous depending on what religion is used to advertise. By examining the use

of religion in an advertisement for people for ethical Treatment of animals, various advertisements for religious groups,

and the use of religion in Funeral home ads for comfort, one can see that religion is used in many ads.intro: By examining the article of the advertisement for People for ethical Treatment of Animals, one can see the use of religion as

Points: – Used Jesus as a way of converting people into vegetarians…– Used terms such as “un-Christian, immoral to pay someone to kill cow, chicken”…– Tried to make people feel guilty by telling us to ” show respect “…Conclusion: As a result, religion was definitely used in order to aid this ad.

intro: By analyzing Secondly, the various advertisements for different religious groups, one can see that

religion can be used in ads thoughtfully.

Points: – for Instance, a local church in Ottawa advertises with a billboard posting it’s mass times asking people to come out…– Furthermore, the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s witnesses has numerous advertisement schemes using religion to help conversions…– Roman Churches want the warship of God to be widespread, for that reason, they use bible passages in an ad in the newspapers as a way to

Conclusion: In simpler terms, Religion is used thoughtfully when advertised by different religious groups.intro: Last but not least, by breaking down the use of religion in advertisement, one can see that

religion can be used in ads as a way of comfort.Points: – in A Kelly Funeral Home Ad, the ad said ” God Looked”…– Most funeral Homes use God in their Ads as a way to comfort people with lost ones…– Funeral Homes are almost always in conjunction with Churches and post Churches names in their ads…Conclusion: All in all, religion is used as a comforting method when it comes to funeral home advertisements.CONCLUSION: Therefore, as has been noted, the use of religion in advertising is righteous; depending on what it is used

to advertise. In human nature, there is a tendency to use religion in advertising.

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