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Kudler Fine Foods Problem Statement

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This paper will address these issues and how these issues can be resolved to help Cuddle Fine Foods achieve its overall goal. Lastly, we will discuss where the company may be if the suggested improvements are followed by management. Problem Statements The first issue to be addressed is the lack of upper level management personnel and a lack of needed staff positions. This issue is of major concern to the company owner because it directly affects her in her day-to-day operations of the business.

Currently Cuddle Fine Foods has only one upper level management individual and that is the owner.

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Kudler Fine Foods Problem Statement
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In order to be successful and be competitive in the general economy the owner will need proper management personnel to help manage her company. By hiring a general manager, the owner could concentrate on issues for the company and the general manager could handle issues of the individual stores. There are also positions that should be created for the overall business such as an accounting position.

These positions will add on to an already high payroll but these positions will make the company better organized and more efficient.

Cuddle Fine Foods lacks the proper upper level management positions to properly operate a company its size. As a result the owner does a large majority of the daily operations of the company and does not use management techniques that could make the company more streamlined. This issue is one that should be addressed by all management personnel within the company. One of the main responsibilities off manager is the delegation, and assigning of work to lower level employees. The owner of the company has taken on entirely too much of the daily operations of the individual stores.

Store level issues and operations should be handled by the manager of the prospective store; if that store’s manager is not TABLE to resolve the issue or is having a problem with the operational aspect the company then the issue should be sent up the chain to be handled by a Geiger level manager. The simple task of delegating responsibility will remove a significant portion of the workload off the owner and on to store personnel who can better manage the tasks. Payroll is an important part of every company.

Cuddle Fine Foods payroll is currently an issue because of the specialty positions that are required in the stores. Payroll is of extreme importance to the owner of Cuddle Fine Foods. There are a few options that the company can use that would reduce the payroll significantly. The first would be to remove the store manager positions from each store and hire nee general manager to operate all three stores. Each store would still have an assistant store manager to assist the general manager with running each store.

The next option would be to remove the specialty positions from each store and have one of each specialty position to rotate in between the stores. To continue offering each specialty positions service in each store, store clerks in each store should be trained to handle the responsibilities of the specialty positions while there are in other stores. Each individual option could reduce the high payroll that Cuddle Fine Foods is operating under, if tooth options are used the company’s payroll could be reduced dramatically.

Conclusion The preceding material states issues and solutions for each issue. Each of the preceding problem statements complement each other and if used in concert will put Cuddle Fine Foods in a great position to become a top tier gourmet grocery store. The proposed improvements would give the company all of the tools to expand into surrounding areas and it will allow the Del Mar location to be phased out without losing a large amount of money. With the payroll cutbacks and the shifting of management responsibility the tortes should become more profiTABLE and begin to grow.

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