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Why we need to fund fine arts education programs: business-like qualities instilled in a fine-arts student If someone came up to you and asked for you to advise them about whether or not going into the music or art business to make a living is a good idea, what would you say? “No” is the most common answer because of all of the risks and hard work involved. But, is fine arts education completely useless in a school’s curriculum? No. In fact, this type of education can be useful in instilling values essential to the workforce and can even help a student develop businesslike qualities. Even if the student would not want to pursue a career in fine arts, this education will provide them with a universal work ethic that can be used in many business settings. With music and art education increasingly becoming underfunded for students, it is hard for educators to work with these budget cuts to get a good program underway and has become a necessary part of the school curriculum to fight for. I am going to explain the benefits of fine arts programs in schools. Creative Problem-Solving When you encounter a problem at some point in your life, you will be able to look back on your education to help you come up with a creative solution. That’s right. Fine arts education helps students use critical and creative thinking to overcome tough obstacles. An example of creative problem solving could be the way that students will look at how a certain space will be filled or colored in a drawing, or how to play a new piece of music without stretching their fingers too far. As the Calouste Gulbenkin Foundation’s research indicates, “Creativity is not a special faculty with which some children are endowed and others are not but that it is a form of.

. .n from it. You have to learn the way your profession works, just as you have to learn the way an instrument or a new medium of art works. Studying up on your profession or area of discipline always helps if you want to know exactly what you are doing. When it comes to art or music, practice at home greatly improves something that you don’t have enough time to work on within class time. Conclusion The arts education program is important in developing skills that are essential within the workforce and that employers value. I have shown just a few of the areas that a fine arts education gives students the opportunity to hone and become well-rounded. There are still more. Taking away an important parts of a student’s education away or not fighting for more arts education funding would be a mistake. So many children do not get the chance for this type of fulfillment.

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