After seeing the film JUNO

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After seeing the film JUNO;
1. What is it about? And why do you think that? Who is the protagonist AND why?

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The 2007 film, Juno, was a story about an independent young teenager who accidentally got pregnant. Since Juno was in high school, she was faced with the difficulties of handling peer pressure and the impression people had on her. As the title of the film implies, Juno is the protagonist of the film. Basically, the whole film revolved around her, from the time she tried to make the baby with her friend, until she gave birth to her baby. Her thoughts and emotions about being pregnant were also visible throughout the film. These were either shown or stated through a voice over.

2. What is the FUNCTION of the first act? What information does it provide? What are some possible story lines? Who are the characters and their characteristics that we ve been introduced to in the first act?

The function of the first act was to give the viewers a background of what the story was all about. Although not in detail, the audience is left clueless as to what Juno will do upon learning that she was pregnant. During the start of the film, the store keeper was always provoking Juno, and was trying to convince her that the pregnancy was true. This kind of perception is often seen in real life, when teenagers get involved in unwanted pregnancies.

3. What is the first turning point AND why? Did you consider any other possibilities? How does the first turning point affect the protagonist? What has(or will) happen to other possible story lines? Will they have any affect on acts two and/or three?

            The first turning point that the film had was when Juno finally admitted to herself that she was pregnant. This was a good decision from the side of the director, for they were able to show the raw emotions that were felt when teenagers find out about their unexpected pregnancies. As for the film, Juno was left in shock upon confirming her pregnancy. She became worried, and the first thing she did was wait outside Paul Bleeker’s house to tell him about their baby. Soon after, Juno broke the news to her family. This forever changed the bond that she had with her family, and also gave the movie a positive outcome.

            I believe that if the story line were changed, the outcome would be different. In the film, Juno was able to deliver her baby with the love and support of her family and friends. If she did not tell her family about her pregnancy, she would have ended in an institution for unwed mothers. In addition to this, conflict may also arise with the family and with the friends.

4. How does the second act result from the first turning point? How does the story line develop? What is the function of the first half of the Act? What is the MIDPOINT? and WHY? How does it divide the first and second half of the act?
What is the function of the second half of the act?

Since Juno became open about her condition, people became supportive of her. Of course, there were the negative implications about her in school, but in totality, she was well supported. Act two  started when Juno decided to have her baby adopted. The transition was seen when Juno’s belly was already showing. This gave the audience a perception that months had already passed.

In my opinion, the midpoint of the film was the scene when they were in the van. It started with Juno and her father visiting Mark and Vanessa Loring, whom Juno chose to be the adoptive parents of her baby. The second act also gave much insight as to how Juno was feeling about her pregnancy and the mixed emotions she had about her life. This act gave the audiences a better understanding of who Juno was, aside from being the rebellious and playful teenager that she was.

5. What is the second turning point AND why? Did you consider any other possibilities? How does the first turning point affect the protagonist? What has(or will) happen to other possible story lines? Will they have any affect on act three?

The second turning point in the film happened when Juno realized that she was in love with Paul Bleeker. She became jealous of the girl whom Paul invited to the prom. She became heartbroken, and started to have doubts of having the baby adopted, and just raise the child by herself.

Another possible story line for this film would have involved Juno and Paul raise their child. Since Paul was well cared for by his mother, it is possible for them to live with Paul’s mother until they graduate from high school. Eventually, both Juno and Paul work, and at the same time go to college. Juno had remained friends with the Lorings, who have now produced a baby of their own through artificial insemination.

With this kind of story line, act three would have been greatly affected. The movie would have not ended with the way it did if the story was changed. More hearts have been pieced together, and a lady has been set in bloom if this were followed. However, sticking to the realistic part of the film, these scenes did not happen. What was left was the decision that a teenager made for her own future.

6. How does the third act result from the second turning point? How are the story elements resolved? Are there any unresolved elements?
The climax of the film came when Mark Loring said that he was not ready to adopt Juno’s baby, and that he will be leaving Vanessa. This left Juno heartbroken for the second time, after being dumped by Paul Bleeker. Eventually, Juno made the first move by writing Vanessa a letter about their agreement.

            Most of the conflicts were resolved when Juno gave birth to her baby. Paul realized that no matter how hard he tried to let Juno go, he just can’t. Vanessa was able to share her mother skills to Juno’s baby, even if she was a single parent.  Regardless of what happened, Juno was able to prove to herself that no matter how crazy her family was, they would always be there for her. I believe that the only conflict that Juno was not able to resolve was the fact that she cannot accept the adoption of her baby. Maybe some other time.

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