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Freedom of speech in film




Words: 1062 (5 pages)

The American doctrine of freedom of speech, as articulated in the Bill of Rights, is 200 years old. The absolutist doctrine of freedom of speech originates in the arguments and discussions of Pierre Bayle ( 1647- 1706). Although Bayle has long been seen as a major figure in literary studies and the history of ideas,…

Two Russian Films: A Journey through Time and Space



Words: 4182 (17 pages)

Two Russian Films: A Journey through Time and SpaceI – IntroductionSometimes, art represents the suppressed voice of the majority. If the dominant factor is really tyrannical, and those who oppose it would be placed in grave danger, those with a passion for change use art as a catalyst for change. These people are often called…

Gangsters as Tragic Heroes in American Film


Tragic Hero

Words: 1983 (8 pages)

Gangsters as Tragic Heroes in American FilmIntroductionVarious films with themes that touches on gangster lives are mostly met with mixed reactions by the audience. The main characters of such movies on which the themes of the films are created may sometimes be elements of both despise and admiration. Through their actions which no doubts are…

Friday the 13th Films


Words: 1397 (6 pages)

First of all, I’m a big fan of the original two, maybe three Friday the 13th films. Four was alright. Then they started getting ridiculous. Anyway, last night Dan had rented me the new Friday the 13th and now I should be on a hunt for Michael Bay’s head with a hockey mask and a…

The Impact of the Film Notting Hill to Young Adults


Words: 1942 (8 pages)

The Impact of the Film Notting Hill to Young Adults Introduction             The concept of living happily ever after a tragic or miserable event has been a popular belief of the  people around the world. The story of Cinderella and her prince charming has been an inspiration of people in the aspect of love. Most…

Lolita : novel vs. Film.



Words: 1581 (7 pages)

  “How did they ever make a movie of Lolita?” was the tagline to 1962 film version of Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita, directed by Stanley Kubrick.  This particular novel was steeped in controversy since the day it was published.  Often regarded as pornography and it has been on and off the banned book list for decades.  …

Ideological Elements Of Titanic Film Studies



Words: 2061 (9 pages)

This research explores about the mise-en-scene of the film ‘Titanic ‘ and its impact to the movie industry. This chapter discusses the mise-en-scene that is applied in this film, and besides we will discourse about how the impact to the movie industry after released the film ‘Titanic ‘ . ‘Titanic ‘ is an American catastrophe…

Thomas Edison And His Inventions Film Studies


Words: 2069 (9 pages)

This paper analyzes the sort of individual that Thomas Edison was, and the bequest he left. However, it is impossible to analyse the type of individual that Thomas Edison was, without analysing the economic environment in which he lived in. Thomas Edison lived in the epoch when United Sates of America was sing the growing…

Melodrama And Women Analysis Film Studies




Words: 1511 (7 pages)

Representation has finally changed the lives of each person in distinguishable ways. Television is the signifier of power through which different sorts of representation is depicted. Many manners of representation have made the person a topic through power and discourse, melodrama, has influenced the person ‘s life in a enormous manner. Melodrama is non merely…

New York Stories Trilogy-Life Lessons Short Film



Words: 810 (4 pages)

New York Stories Trilogy-Life Lessons Short Film Life Lessons, one of the three meaning stories from the movie New York Stories, on which is depiction of a sensible tale, happened in New York City. As one of the three consequential stories in the film, it can be argued that New York Stories Life Lessons segment…

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