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Response to King’s “Why We Crave Horror Movies”



Words: 636 (3 pages)

King’s brief but spirited essay on the notion of just what makes horror such an appealing  brand of popular entertainment for millions of readers owes most of its observations and theoretical ideas not to King’s own considerable experience as a novelist, but  as a reader, who, himself, loves the horror genre. King’s contention that the…

Effects of Horror movies in the society Analysis



Words: 379 (2 pages)

If you were to take a survey of how many people like to watch horror movies, I’m pretty sure most people wouldn’t choose horror films. According to Sparks, watching horrifying films will cause physical reactions such as sweaty pants, tense muscles, a spike in blood pressure and/or an increase in heart rate. Some people don’t…

Why We Crave Horror Movies Analysis



Words: 406 (2 pages)

In “Why We Crave Horror Movies” Stephen King explains that everyone is mentally ill to some degree. The people outside the asylums are just possibly better at hiding their craziness. Most of us know someone, maybe even ourselves which talk to themselves, or do weird things when they think no one is watching, or some…

Horror Trailer Evaluation


Words: 356 (2 pages)

According to the Uses and gratifications theory? What are the pleasures available to the horror audience? Clue diversion = escape from normal life thrills such as fear identity – you find out about yourself, as an audience member by putting yourself in the shoes of the characters 7. What are the key elements of a…

Horror Kid Story – Under My Bed


Words: 2162 (9 pages)

My name is Tommy, a ten-year-old boy with a secret – there is a monster residing under my bed. Each night, I am plagued by horrifying screams and my parents insist that no such monster exists. Nonetheless, I am certain of its presence as it continuously torments me. This creature emerges from beneath the bed,…

“Why We Crave Horror Movies” Analysis



Words: 334 (2 pages)

Stephen King is known by his grotesque movies and recognizable writing. In his piece, “Why We Crave Horror Movies,” he explains the human races’ need to watch other people being tortured, mutilated, and eventually killed. King uses two opposing tones in his essay to create an atmosphere that is both humorous and serious. People want…

Gothic Horror Stories


Words: 887 (4 pages)

Tim was staying at his cousin Steve’s house and they got bored of sitting around in the house so they decided to go and walk the dog.”Mum I’m just going out for a walk with Tim, I’ll be back soon” said Steve.”Are you sure – it’s getting pretty dark outside. Where are you going?” Steve’s…

Nazi Death Camp Horror in “Night” Masterpiece by Elie Wiesel


Words: 740 (3 pages)

In Night by Elie Wiesel, the horror of war is displayed through a terrifying account of a Nazi death camp horror that turns a young Jewish boy into an agonized witness to the death of his family, his innocence, and his God. Night is similar to All Quiet on the Western Front in a number…

Why We Crave Horror Movies Sample



Words: 811 (4 pages)

Stephen King writes really accurately on how we. the populace. want the demand “to put away our more civilised and grownup preference for analysis and to go kids again” by watching a horror-themed film. In the article Why We Crave Horror Movies. written by Stephen King and published by Playboy Press in Chicago. Illinois in…

Rocky Horror Picture Show


Words: 912 (4 pages)

It was a cool, sharp November eventide, while five adolescents were hustling and hustling around my house excitedly acquiring ready for their very foremost screening of the unrecorded version of their all clip favourite film. They knew it would be the best dark of their lives. The dark of my 15th birthday party, my friends…

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What is a horror genre essay?
The horror genre is a topic that can be written or filmed about. ... The main ingredients in a horror film are music, sound effects, lighting, camera trickery & special effects and most importantly a clever, catchy, scary script.
What makes a story a horror?
horror story, a story in which the focus is on creating a feeling of fear. Such tales are of ancient origin and form a substantial part of the body of folk literature. They can feature supernatural elements such as ghosts, witches, or vampires, or they can address more realistic psychological fears.

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