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Bollywood Essays

The Bollywood Industry

Digital Campaigns Online promotion is not straightforward. It seems to stimulate an incredible level of creativity. The possibilities are endless to market Bollywood movies abroad when you think outside of the box with website creation and social campaigns. The digital market campaigning was popularized by the film ‘Bang Bang’ in 2014. The popular #BangBangDares filled the …

Hollywood to Bollywood: What makes a movie good

In the past decade, the price of going to the movies has skyrocketed! At the close of 2012, average ticket prices had topped $8 a person (Lieberman). Unfortunately, this average is somewhat skewed by discount deals; the actual cost per ticket for a first run movie during peak hours is more like $10 to $12 …

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Hollywood, Bollywood… Nollywood

Hollywood, Bollywood… Ah! Ha! Nollywood! Life as a way of taking shape on its own if will fail to straighten its bends and correct its mistakes. In the movie world Hollywood is no stranger to the masses and the youngest of children. Over the years, Hollywood has grown to surpass the imagination of the world, …

Sallu’s 8 Muses Through the Ages

The leading divas of Bollywood sashayed down the runway for Salman Khan’s ‘ Being Human’ show at the HDIL Couture Week. Last year, Salman put together an all- male crew. This year, it was all about the glamour girls. Fashion through the ages’ was the theme of the show and a bevy of beauties walked …

Bollywood Dance Movies and Indian American Identity Formation

Bollywood song and dance draws attention to Indian film studies as one of the most dominant and distinguishing features of the Indian culture (Dudrah, 2006, p. 26). Dancing within movies is becoming among the most common attributes of modern popular culture that generates and reflects diversity in cultures and the traditional values of a society. …

Gendering in Bollywood

Abstract Cinema is meant and believed to entertain, to take the viewer to a world that is starkly different from the real one, a world which provides escape from the daily grind of life. Cinema is a popular media of mass consumption which plays a key role in moulding opinions, constructing images and reinforcing dominant …

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