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Air pollution issues

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This is intended as a study guide. For best results, I recommend studying all the material first, then filling out the worksheet “closed-book/notes” as if taking a test. When done, go back to your notes to check your answers.

Match the following air pollution issues with ALL appropriate causes (letters) and consequences (numbers). All letters and numbers will be used at least once. Each issue may have any number of causes and consequences. Any given cause or consequence may (or may not) apply to more than one issue.


acid deposition

global warming

photochemical smog

stratospheric ozone depletion

indoor air pollution












Major contributing causes
a) SO2 from coal burning
b) CFCs from air conditioners
c) CO2 from oil burning
d) Radon
e) hydrocarbons (HC) from auto exhaust
f) CH4 (methane) from livestock & landfills
g) CO2 from oil burning
h) volcanic eruptions
i) N2O from nylon production, N-fertilizers
j) CO2 from coal burning
k) NOx from auto exhaust
l) formaldehyde
m) CO2 from auto exhaust
n) CO (carbon monoxide) from auto exhaust
o) poorly ventilated wood stoves
p) CO2 from deforestation
q) CH4 from leaky natural gas pipelines
r) CFCs from aerosols & fire suppressants
s) CO2 from natural gas burning
t) cleaning products and oil-based paints
1. increased skin cancer
2. altered ocean currents
3. increased solubility of toxic metals in lakes and soil
4. decreased NPP (net primary productivity)
5. increased animal/human respiratory problems
6. increased frequency/duration/intensity of hurricanes
7. leaching of certain nutrients from soil
8. decreased crop productivity
9. increased lung cancer
10. increased duration/severity of droughts and floods
11. death of many organisms in some lakes
12. increased geographical range of diseases, agricultural pests 13. increased incidence of cataracts (eye disorder)
14. rising sea level leading to coastal/island flooding
15. damage to structures (buildings, statues, etc.)
16. shifting optimum locations for agriculture
17. reduction of polar and glacial ice
18. elevated tropospheric ozone

KEY to air pollution worksheet
acid deposition
global warming
photochemical smog
stratospheric ozone depletion
indoor air pollution
a, h, k
b, c, f, g, (h), i, j, m, p, q, r, s
e, k, n
b, r
d, l, n, o, t
3, 4, (5), 7, 8, 11, 15
2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 17
5, 18
1, 4, 8, 13
5, 9

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