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Persuasive Speech air pollution in malaysia

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Be able to develop skills as an effective public speaker through the application of necessary techniques to become an effective persuasive speaker. Learner declaration certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own and research sources are fully acknowledged. If I’m found plagiarism my work, I understand that will be graded a ‘0’ for this task and it will reflect poorly on my character.

Student signature: Assignment brief Date: Course code and title COMIC 108: PUBLIC SPEAKING Start date Deadline/hand-in Assessor Persuasive Speech (20%) Purpose of this assignment Assignment 3 focuses on student’s ability to understand how to use quenches of delivery, together with the understanding of the topic and purpose persuasive speeches in actual practice through this hands-on practice.

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Persuasive Speech air pollution in malaysia
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Assignment Question: Part 1 [Preparation] Time limit: 6-7 minutes You can choose a social problem facing Malaysia or a related topic that you choose for your informative speech relating to multiculturalism.

If you choose a related topic to your earlier presentation, you have to go beyond by providing not only facts but substantial research, newspaper data/statistics and develop a plan to address the problem you stated or gave information The topic should be of interest to you and to your audience.

Be sure you choose a topic that you are comfortable in taking a strong stand. The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to defend a position important to you, as well as to learn how to construct sound, strong arguments for a particular audience and situation.

Topic: Ensure it is approved by your lecturer by 1 October 2014. Purpose: The goal of this speech is to change, by some degree, the thought or action of your audience in relation to your chosen subject. Do not use words like “maybe” or “perhaps” “I think”. Be sure when you make statements as you are trying to persuade. Investigate the issue and relate it to your audience’s interests and values. Be aware of issues and values that affect your audience’s mind. Additionally, remember to construct and deliver arguments. An argument is not simply a claim but a claim with support.

Support your argument with evidence rather than simply providing the audience with your opinion on the topic. Research Ensure your speeches are well-researched and offer quality supporting evidence Of your claims. The speaker is at an advantage by providing different hypes of supporting evidence. What is the current research on this topic? Use more than one source. Cite your sources to ensure your credibility. Find published and/or interview sources that will help you support your arguments and enhance your speaker credibility. Avoid plagiarism at all cost! Art 2[Speech Planning] Required Elements: General Purpose 2. Specific Purpose Thesis Statement/Central Idea 3. Audience: 4. A. What attitudes, values, or beliefs are important to your audience? B. What does your audience know and/or believe obituary topic? C. What is their position on the topic? How strongly do they agree or disagree with you? D. How will you adjust to your audience’s values, beliefs, knowledge, values, etc.? E. *Be very specific. What strategies did you consider, what strategies did you choose and how are you planning to persuade them? 5.

Outline of major ideas: (This should be the most significant portion of your speech plan. ) a. Remember to limit the number of main ideas thou attempt to share. B. List the major ideas you will include in your presentation. List the ideas and evidence that will support your main points. Be clear, concise, and complete. C. Assessment questions (As usual, for your guidance. ): Is there enough evidence? Is there balance between each major idea? Is the logic of your presentation evident? Have you made your ideas accessible to your audience (will they understand them)?

Will you audience understand what you expect them to learn from your presentation? If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” you still have work to do. Cite all sources of information used in the body of your outline. 6. Annotated Bibliography of at least 5 sources (only one of which may be a WWW site. You may use . Du, . Org and online news and journal sources. . 7. Visual aid(s): Identify and justify each audio/visual aid you have chosen. 1. What point(s) will this aid help to explain? 2. What is the purpose of your aid? You have to show your slides to your lecturer prior to your presentation. 8. Improvement plan: Based on your previous presentation experience (in this class and otherwise), what elements of presentational speaking do you plan to improve? Specifically, what do you plan to do, in order to improve? Be specific and clear. Guidelines; 1 . A) Establish the NEED or the PROBLEM. Define the problem and prove its existence and importance. Establish that the problem causes harm, describe to whom and how badly people are harmed. How extensive/deep/serious is the problem?

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