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All the Broken Pieces

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All The Broken Pieces The story “All the Broken Pieces” is about a twelve year old boy named Matt who is struggling from his nightmares. Matt is a Vietnamese child, his mother gave him away when he was 10. Matt is can not stop wondering why his mom gave him up and not his brother. He is also wondering when his American parents will go back to git his brother or give Matt back to his mother. Matt is trying to get through but is still trying to figure out whats going on.

Matt joins a baseball team because he used to play back in Vietnam.

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All the Broken Pieces
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There is a kid on his baseball team that Matt does not get along with because his brother was killed in the war from the Vietnamese people. The kids did not get along until their coach made them work together. Matt was still struggling with his fears and nightmares and told his piano teacher that was a us soldier in the Vietnam war.

His piano teacher brought him to a veterans support group that taught Matt that their were more sides to the war then his. Matt also learns a why his mother gave him away. But still doesn’t understand it.

In one summer Matt goes through a lot of emotional pain and finally understands how to love his new family with out forgetting his first one. I really liked the book all the broken pieces it was difficult to understand because it was like reading poems after poems. But when I got to the end of the book I relised it is a book to hear bout the other side and what went on during the time that Matt does not remember from him being so young at the time. Vietnam war facts. President Gerald Ford announced plans to evacuate 2,000 orphans, many of them Amerasian.

Operation Baby lift’s first official flight crashed in the rice paddies outside Saigon, killing 144 people, most of them children. South Vietnamese soldiers and civilians gathered at the site, some to help, others to loot the dead. Despite the crash, the evacuation program continued another three weeks With this tragedy, the mission was severely disrupted, but it continued. Reports differ, but in the 24 hours that followed, possibly some 1,200 children, including 40 of the crash survivors, were evacuated on other planes.

Most of the kids were put in catholic orphanages in the us. Most of the orphan’s got adopted by American, Canadian, and french families. Compare The book was mainly about Matt getting adopted and how he came to America from Vietnam. He did a lot of research on what went on during he war and why his family let the Americans take him and be put in an orphanage. The story related to the above in for pretty exact. Matt met a solider who told him that his family let the Americans take him because they didn’t want Matt suffering through the war and being possibly killed.

Matt then realized that it was because his family wanted him to have a good life. Contrast My research was correct wih the books info about the vietnam war. For example, a helicopter landed in their neighborhood. Before the soliders left matts mom begged the soliders to take matt to the US. My research stated tha a lot of families begged soilders to take their childern and sometimes even the whole family to america to get out of the fighting in vietnam.

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