Korea Two Pieces Of A Puzzle

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Korea, Two Pieces Of A Puzzle Essay, Research Paper

Korea Two Pieces of a Puzzle

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Korea is a state that is rich with civilization and corruptness. Korea has been a incorporate state for over 1500 old ages and in that clip they have been persecuted and so divided. Before all this happened the Koreans were going a really culturally enriched society. Around the same clip as the autumn of the Roman Empire the Koreans were coming up with new thoughts on architecture, art, scientific discipline and even a cardinal authorities. The Korean people lived in peace for 500 old ages under the regulation of Choson ( Yi ) dynasty.

After Japan defeated China in 1895 and so the Russians in 1905, Korea was so under complete control by the Japanese. This is when the Japanese entered the scene. When the Nipponese took over they foremost annexed Choson in 1910 and so began their effort to destruct the Korean civilization for the following 35 old ages. The Korean authorities was taken over; every upper degree authorities place was taken from the Koreans. The Nipponese went every bit far as to criminalize the Korean linguistic communication and even tried to censor Korean household names. Not until the terminal of World War II, was when the Koreans eventually overcame Japans regulation.

At the terminal of World War II is when Korea became a divided state. The United States, Great Britain and the former U.S.S.R defeated Nazi Germany and so went on to take out Japan. After Japan was out of the image the U.S. , U.S.S.R. and Great Britain decided that Korea should go their ain state one time once more. The U.S. was to accept the Nipponese licking South of the 38th analogue and the Russians were to accept the Nipponese defeat North of the 38th analogue. This was the first measure into spliting the Koreans as a people. All forces and all foreign military were to be evacuated from Korea; this is what was supposed to go on. What really happened was a consequence of the Cold War tensenesss. Because of the Cold war the Russians imposed a Communist authorities on all Koreans North of the 38th analogue and the United States imposed a nationalist/capitalist democracy South of 38th analogues. After the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. imposed their ain manner of authorities on Korea came the formation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korean in the North and in the South was the Republic of Korea, in 1948. With the differences between the two authoritiess the people were pushed apart. There were efforts to convey Korea back to a whole but it merely ended up in the Korean War.

With the oncoming of the Korean War the United States decided to assist the South Koreans because of the aid that the North Koreans were acquiring by the Russians. Finally the U.S. decided to direct

military personnels. After a long conflict and an amazing figure of deceases the war was back at the 38th analogue. General Douglas MacArthur, who was the commanding officer of the U.N. forces in Korea, wanted North Korea’s licking and to occupy China. This was non what Harry S. Truman wanted to make at all. Since the two had different sentiments and MacArthur’s were strong Truman replaced MacArthur as commanding officer.

After the terminal of the Korean War Korea was unchanged. The North is still a communist authorities and the South is still a capitalistic society. The people that reside in Korea still remain Korean. After all the people of Korea have gone through they have kept their rich Korean civilization. Since the terminal of the Cold War between the U.S. and the former U.S.S.R. , Korea has kept the war alive. Sine communism is still alive in North Korea and the South is still capitalistic authorities, which creates tenseness between the two.

Korea is a land of a diverse environment. North Korea and South Korea are both covered with mountains and huge exuberant flora runs down the centre of the state. Rivers and broad fields are found on the western side of the state and when looking at images from infinite you can see that Korea as a whole does non differ much in the landscape. This peninsula even has the same clime throughout and an copiousness of natural resources that do non differ between the two halves.

Although North and South Korea are similar in many different ways they still are about 50 old ages apart. Since the split of the state after World War II the two pieces of this mystifier are turning farther apart but still capable of going a whole state one time once more. In the last 50 old ages South Korea has taken their metropoliss into the 21st century while North Korea is dawdling. The difference in the two authoritiess is at the extremes of the spectrum.

When looking down from infinite, at dark, the differences in engineering is prevailing. At dark the South Korean metropolis of Seoul can be seen from infinite and so can a figure of other metropoliss through out South Korea. North Korea on the other manus seems to be in complete darkness. This illustration shows how far North Korea is falling behind. The degree of cardinal authorities in South Korea is stronger than the communist society to the north because of the strong economic development in the South. South Korea is set uping a stronger economic system than the North could of all time trust for.

Although the North and the South are different in many ways this state is a state of the same people, the same linguistic communication and the same historic civilization. This state is non to far to still go one once more and with that become stronger.

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