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This film is based on Ruthanne Lum McCunn ’ s 1981 true-story book of the same name, follows the narrative of a immature Chinese adult female, Lalu, brought to the United States in the nineteenth century by a “ married woman bargainer ” and sold as a married woman to an unscrupulous barroom proprietor. Lalu attempts to gain the money to purchase her freedom and return to China. It genuinely depicts the tests and trials a Chinese immigrant went through in the yearss of old. In add-on, it allows those of Chinese descent to acknowledge the attempts their ascendants made in order that they might appreciate their topographic point in society today. It reflected the life of Asiatic people how they survive in Golden Mountain. American Torahs deny Chinese work forces citizenship – they are wanted largely for inexpensive labour – and adult females are viewed as even more undistinguished. The narrative portrays a beautiful immature Chinese adult female, Lalu, born in China where miss babes were non extremely valued, and sold by her male parent to a Chinese “ wife-trader ” by her destitute male parent. Then her battle to last began at that moment.and auctioned off in San Francisco to a mule Skinner, Li Po, who purchases her for a barroom keeper, Hong King, another Chinese adult male, who runs a barroom in a blue backwater colony in a excavation town. During their journey, Jim reveals that he wants to make is salvage adequate money to acquire back to China. It besides becomes evident that he is developing some fondness for Lalu. She and the mule Skinner autumn in love on the manner to their finish, but he delivers her to the barroom keeper however K.. Hong King plans to do a package of money by coercing her into harlotry. Standing up for herself for the first clip, Lalu violently refuses, though she agrees to stay his personal slave. Lalu, nicknamed “ China Polly ” by the cowpuncher, is saved fro

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thousand harlotry but so becomes Hong King’s slave, until her husband’s white spouse, a affable alky named Charlie, explains to her that bondage has been outlawed. And if she of all time wants to acquire back to China she’ll have to go sharply independent and gain her ain manner.

Charlie, a good adult male is attracted to Lalu – ” Polly, ” but she dreams merely of purchasing her freedom and returning to China. Then Hong King, abruptly of financess and tired of life with a “ vixen, ” decides to auction his married woman to the highest bidder – and Charlie, in a rare shot of fortune, wins her. She lives with him, but in celibacy. Meanwhile, Jim whose scruples has been trouble oneselfing him, returns to the excavation cantonment with adequate money to purchase Lalu ’ s freedom. He hopes to get married her and take her dorsum to China, but, seeing her life with a white adult male, he considers her hopelessly damaged and abandons his programs. I gather that this development, like most of the movie, is based on fact, but as a effect “ 1000 Pieces of Gold ” pigments an overpoweringly negative portrayal of work forces – from the male parent who betrays her, to the bargainer who sells her, to the barroom keeper who wants to prostitute her. The lone adult male portrayed positively in the movie is Charlie. The narrative is told with power and high play, nevertheless, and the love that grows between Lalu and Charlie, like all loves that smoulder for a long clip, becomes a great passion. Fortunately, she met the adult male of her life who she could trust on. 1000 Pieces of Gold, set in the nineteenth century and stating the narrative of a Chinese adult female sold from adult male to adult male as if she were belongings. The movie is based on the little-known fact that old ages after bondage was abolished in America, Asians were still held in nonvoluntary bondage – sometimes by their ain people. This subdued, antique movie is “ a testament to the strength of

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