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We can see from the start, since the creation of Adam , Allah gives IM knowledge that differ man and their creation such as angel and animals . By having knowledge, it has been a privilege and honor to man -As the time passed, the branch of knowledge has grown. If thousand years ago, human only can make a pot from clay or a knife from steel, but with more knowledge that has now, human can make a very technological and more complicated gadget. K Read ! In the name of your Lord who has created you ! 96:1) This ayah is the first revelation that given to Prophet Muhammad clearly shows the importance and necessity to seek for knowledge. “Seek knowledge from cradle to the grave” This is the width that comes from Prophet Muhammad. He reaffirmed the teaching from Quern by stressing that , to find knowledge , we must start from the very beginning and never stop until our last breathe Before we start seeking more about knowledge, we must know what is exactly knowledge, is all about.. Actually, knowledge is a wide concept. It is very difficult to formulate a concrete and firm meaning about what is knowledge.

Even in Islamic world, knowledge has been define differently by Islamic scholars. Knowledge or AY-elm is literally means to understand, to know, to perceive, that derived from the root word ‘lima. From the literal meaning, we can understand that AY-elm is something like information to us about something. But when we want to derive the meaning technically, it a bit complicated, because the secular and religious knowledge are intermingled. Technically, knowledge is something that covers all the aspects and elements in this world, that acquired by man with absolute uncertainty.

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This is supported by the literal meaning given my AY-Guarani . In the mind of Muslim, knowledge includes everything which reason and revelation can unearth for the spiritual and material betterment of mankind . Knowledge includes the spiritual knowledge that requires for the life hereafter. The knowledge includes about Allah , His messenger , Quern , EBITDA , law , and any other knowledge about Islam that will help Muslim to succeed in the Day of Judgment . This makes a different with the meaning of knowledge with other religion, or by atheist.

Although the meaning of knowledge is bewildering diversity, however a belief that knowledge in essence is one continued to persist in the world of Muslim scholarship, All branches of knowledge were interconnected and in order to understand the realities of life and resolve baffling complexities which hampered the solutions of problems it was essential to use maximum amount of information from all branches of knowledge

Manner in Seeking Knowledge. Islamic Theory of Education

Main Sources Summary Books title : Islam, Philosophy and Ideology Section : Knowledge and Scholarship / page 7 Author : Dahlias Has Publisher : Animal Publication POT.

LTD New Delhi, India Islamic Theory Of Education In Islam, knowledge is something that really special. With knowledge, someone can be really respected by people surrounding them. Thus, there are manners in obtaining the knowledge. In this book, the writer has come out with a few manners while seeking the knowledge. First of all, the writer mentioned that a Muslim student should be hard work in order to gain knowledge that can lead someone to Certainty (Yakima). Len fact, when we obtain the knowledge that shows us the right path towards the Mighty Creator, it can strengthen our Inman or Faith.

Basically, according to the Quern, there are three distinct level of knowledge which are elm al Yakima, (through information), ‘yen al Yakima (experience) and hash al Yakima (through being). Among this there level of knowledge, hash al Yakima is the shiest level which gives understanding to someone with certainty without any doubtfulness. Secondly, the writer bring out with another idea. He said that the Muslim student should have good intention in the search of knowledge. This is really important as it will determine our final objective.

If we have bad intention, our hard work would be useless. The knowledge should lead us to nearness of Allah; however, our evil intention has altered the pureness of the knowledge. It brings us astray from Allah. Based on the Quern concept “good is not only on justice (ODL) but also on the principle of lash The next idea is Muslim student is blessing. We can assume blessing is a product of our good intentions, hard work and the grace of our teachers. Our knowledge will remain incomplete as we do not take concern the dab (respect) with the teachers.

Last but not least, in order to comprehend the knowledge, the writer states that we should purify our heart from spiritual ill and evil. Good intention cannot be possessed as our heart is till dirty. Quern uses the word FUD to mention about heart. It also means mind and heart. Lastly, the most important manner that we have to bear in mind in perceiving he knowledge is dada (pray). When we have acquired all the knowledge, it might give us some risk as we may be brought to the doubt about the Truth. Thus, the most perfect way in order to overcome this is by praying to Allah.

Asking for His help so we are protected by His blessed from any doubtfulness that assistant always try to put in our heart. Supporting Source Books title : A Guide Book of Basic Themes of AY Quern Section : Dab of Seeking Knowledge (page 45) Author Status Muhammad Hajji Joel Publisher IRKS Department Centre Foundation Studies International Islamic University Of Malaysia In this book, the writer has listed some manners that mentioned by Imam AY Galahad in his lay’ alum al Din. According to Imam AY Galahad, a Muslim student should keep himself free from any bad habit.

Knowledge cannot be attained unless we remove all the bad habits and evil attributes from ourselves. The Prophet said, “Religion has been built on cleanliness”. Thus, it is important for us to keep our inner and outer clean without any spiritual dirt. He also stated that a student should reduce his worldly affair. This is because Allah only bestowed us with one mind and one heart. One cannot divide his attention and focus into two business in one time. Not only that, the process of searching knowledge might be imperfect.

Another thing that must be take a look is a student should not pay attention to the numerous differences of opinion and try to gain knowledge from any branch as much as he can. This can be referred from: Say, “Have you considered: if the Curran was from Allah , and you disbelieved in it while a witness from the Children of Israel has testified to something similar and believed while you were arrogant… Indeed, Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people. (al Naif 46:1 0) From this ayah, we can conclude a student should increase his knowledge in order to answer all the things that exist in his life.

With this knowledge, it will lead those people to Allah or to know deeper about our Mighty Creator. Other than that, Imam AY Galahad also mentioned that a Muslim student should manage his time to learn the knowledge. They cannot learn all the knowledge in one time as this might be confusing them. This relates to another dab which is a student should finish his study before proceed with another new knowledge. We have to master some particular knowledge before we can continue with another ewe knowledge. This will assure us to understand it with hash al Yakima.

As a student, we should know how to distinguish between two fields of knowledge. This has been stated in lay’ alum al Din written by Imam AY Galahad that religion knowledge will help us to have a happy life in hereafter, while other knowledge is to gain a temporary life. Last but not least, our mind and actions must be purified with virtues. This will exhibit the beautifulness of Islam which is seeking knowledge only to gain nearness of Allah, not for the worldly matter or pride. Lastly, Imam Galahad said that, a student must keep good manner with the coacher.

Knowledge cannot be gained only from the book, however; we need someone to open the door of knowledge and protect us from doing mistakes. Article Review After we read article “Knowledge and Scholarship” from Islam, Philosophy and Ideology book written by Dahlias Has, specialize in topic of “Manner in Seeking Knowledge”, we recognized a few strengths and also weaknesses in this article. In my opinion, In order to make the reader understand thoroughly the content, Dahlias Has has taken some effective initiatives in his article.

First and foremost, in explaining a point, he tried to give some example that related o the point. For instance, for point “Blessing”, he included about the relation between the teacher and student. It is really efficient because the bond that existed between them will cause the blessing from Allah. Thus, it would open the student’s heart to accept all the knowledge easily. However, for us, it is hard for someone to make that his or her works perfectly without any weakness. Same goes to Dahlias Has in his article. The first mistake that we identify is verse from AY Quern.

We can see throughout his article that he did not mention the verses from Quern in order to strengthen his point in the article. If we compared to the supporting article from the “Guide Book of Basic Themes of Quern”, it is quite contradict to the main article in context of Dali from Quern. The point in the supporting article is always come out with the Dali from Quern. For example, if we look back to the fifth point, the writer used the verse from Sarah al Sheaf (46110) in case to strengthen his point and also make it interesting to be read. Relation between the point and this verse is really parallel.

Another weakness that presents in the main article is insufficient points. The number of points that has been listed in this book is far few compared to the purporting article. In our opinion, insufficient of points could make the reader feels dissatisfied when reading the article, especially ourselves who always thirsty to gain a new knowledge. If we refer to the supporting article, the point that listed is quite much. This makes the article is more interesting. It attracts such people to read it. The conclusion is in order to make the main article more interesting and knowledgeable, a few step must be taken.

After discussing, we recommend that the main article must be included with more prove or Dali from Quern and also width of The Prophet Muhammad. For instance, the writer can put together the verse of Quern from Sarah al-Unable 29169 in the first point. Indeed, Allah is with the doers of good. ” The ayah says that for those who work hard to get the pleasure of Allah such as knowledge, Allah will guide them and make it easier. Our second recommend is the writer, Dahlias Has should add more point that relate to the topic. It is some advantage if it has more information.

We as a reader would always choose the article that give more information.

Importance of Knowledge Comparison Between Islamic and Westerns Views

Main sources Books title : Islam, Philosophy, and Ideology Section : Knowledge and Scholarship / page 7 : Dahlias Has Salami’s view From the Islamic point of view, knowledge and religion are dependent on each other. Both of them cannot be treated separately and must always comes together. It is clearly stated in the Quern in the chapter AY-Dads (The Clot) which is considered among the earliest revelation;

  • Read: In the name footy Lord who create,
  • Create man from a clot.
  • Read: And thy Lord is the Most Bounteous,
  • Who teacher by the pen

Teacher man that which he knew not. (al Alas 96:1-5) In this ayah, Allah has related the Quern with knowledge of science which is the reaction of man. In the Quern, it has been estimated that the word elm (knowledge) is told 750 times. This shows that Islam through its Holy Book stressed unto its believers to seek knowledge. The great Muslims scholar, AY Babushka in his monumental work attributes a tradition to the Prophet which says that the disappearance of knowledge and absence of scholars from society would spell the demise of human civilization’.

ABA Awed said ‘the position of the scholar among people, in his opinion, is same as that of the moon among stars. He also emphasizes that knowledge, particularly religious knowledge, would not be sold for worldly gains’. There are many ayah in the Quern and a lot of width (the sayings of the prophet Muhammad saw) which related to the importance of knowledge. This indicates that religion and knowledge are two main pillars of humans life. There has never been any doubt in Islamic history that knowledge is a benediction of God and it is fully integrated into Inman (belief).

A verse in Quern reads as follows: “God will lift up by degrees those among you who have come to believe and those who have been given knowledge” . Furthermore in Islam, search for knowledge is an act of piety or EBITDA; it is equivalent to prayer. In short, the knowledge plays a big role in shaping a human character. It is considered to be the source of strength in human. From this book the knowledge enlightens the soul, enriches the mind, and solidifies faith and belief in the revealed word of God.

Knowledge is also the guardians of soul, architect of morality, and custodian of values and ideals which are the major determinants of human destiny both here and hereafter. The knowledge in other word can narrow the gap between God and man. The man can think and act with maximum ability when they use their secular and spiritual knowledge. The entire world of knowledge is a fit subject for research. The strength of faith of the believers could be increases when they conduct a lot of research with various fields of knowledge as they realize the God’s power and wisdom as The Creator.

Supporting source Book title : Islam; Ideology and the way of life : Fugal Raman : A. S Noreen, Malaysia Islamic view Islam has considered that the key to develop a huge and great civilization is through knowledge. Allah has raised the status of man who is created by clay over the angel due to the knowledge given to man. As stated in the Quern; After this, He thought Adam the names of all things. Then He asked the angels, ‘Tell Me the names of all these things if you are rights (in thinking that the appointment of a vicegerent will cause disorder) They replied, ‘Glory be to You!

You alone are free from defect. We possess only as much knowledge as You have given us. ‘ Then God said to Adam, ‘Tell them the names of these According to Islamic spiritual experience, for a human being to obtain happiness in their life is necessarily linked with the knowledge of God. The knowledge of God and His Attributes is vital, because without it man’s belief and faith remain meaningless. The Holy Prophet always stressed that his followers should spend more time in seeking knowledge and made it a duty of every Muslim, man and woman to acquire knowledge.

According to him, ‘the learned are the heirs of the Prophets of God’. The Prophet also said ‘The ink of the scholar is more holy than the blood of the martyr. Moreover, religion knowledge are also requiring a study of sciences. According to this book the relation between knowledge of science and EBITDA are as follows, for the service of worship, the face is turned towards Mecca, to get accurate direction, this requires knowledge of geography and astronomy. Fasting also requires the understanding of natural phenomena, such as the appearances of the dawn, the setting of sun, etc.

The Pilgrimage necessitates knowledge of the routes and the means of transport in order to proceed to Mecca. Payment of ‘Katz’ requires knowledge of mathematics. It is also important to understanding the Quern in the light of historical facts and allusions and references to the science contained therein. In fact, the study of the Quern requires first of all the knowledge of the language in which it is compiled (linguistic science); its references to peoples demand knowledge of history and geography, and so on ND so forth. Thus Islam and its faith have included almost all branches of knowledge and research.

For example, ethics, theology, history, astronomy, archaeology, medicine, physics, economics, racial psychology, etc. This shows very clearly that a ‘Muslim’ faith in God is based on knowledge and research, and the intellect of human being can penetrate all those branches of knowledge. This book has concluded that, when the spiritual and intellectual activities of man are organized in accordance with the teachings of Islam, the internal nature of man becomes sound and healthy. And when man is internally secure and sound his external life will be of the same nature.

Sources : Islam, Philosophy, and Ideology and Islam; Ideology and the way of life. Western view The western view about knowledge is totally different from Islam. Islam believe that the main source of knowledge is the revealed word of God, Quern, and the only purpose the knowledge has is to strengthen the faith of the believer. Such an approach is different from the Western views on knowledge, which insist that all scientific learning is meant to refute religious dogma, and find ways of interpreting and understanding the realities of life, which have no spiritual annotations.

According to this book; ‘judging strictly from western standards knowledge is an end in itself and not a means to an end. In Islam on the other hand, knowledge is only a means to an end. Muslim writers in their opinion were trapped in dogma, and their mind and thought revolved with a few exceptions around unalterable stereotypes. Their capacity to widen the horizons was limited by inflexible and insurmountable theological barriers. These impressions could be the result of prejudice or misunderstanding or may be both. The approaches of the Muslim scholars were far from being perfect.

They had numerous faults of methodology, and many of them were patently careless in collection data’. The overall view of the western about knowledge is that the source of knowledge is only depends in their intellect. For example the Darning’s theory that has been accepted by some of the professors in western mostly the atheist that shows there are no connection between religion and knowledge. On their thought, everything in this world even the universe occurred by coincidence and not been created by God. The importance of knowledge from their view is to upgrade the possessors in the eyes of the human being.

Knowledge to them just for worldly affairs. The religion becomes their obstacles in seeking knowledge because there are some statements in the Bible itself that shows contradiction to sciences. The religion also limited their uses of knowledge because naturally most religion that exists promotes usualness among the believer and only God that can raise their status. But from the western view the one who possess knowledge and have power can control the weak one even though without proper manners. In conclusion, the western scholars emphasize that knowledge and religion are two things that are not related to each other.

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