Seek opportunities to work with seed cleaning machine

How Do We Deal with the Double Pressure of Seed cleaning machine Seed cleaning machine faces lots of competition and lots of pressure, such as price pressure, technology pressure, market pressure, international competition pressure and so on. How should we deal with the pressure? Today, we’ll mainly talk about the double pressure of seed cleaning machine. Pressure makes many farmers have to reduce grain planting area , and actively seek opportunities to work outside in order to maintain family living expenses.Research process, grain farmers in the region can be divided into two categories: one is extremely insensitive to food prices and a lack of confidence in the future of higher food prices, their annual grain crops mainly to maintain the home rations , and did not expect through grow food to get the cash proceeds , which means that if food prices do not rise this year , next year will no longer grow grain .Besides, a large part of their grain harvest will become a commodity in the market circulation.

These farmers are generally experienced in subsistence farming and migrant workers living career alternating them familiar with the process of food production Details of the accounts , so they ebb and food sensitivity is extremely high.From the research situation in Henan , the marginal effect of national policies to promote farmers’ income through subsidies are diminishing .Over the past few years , the state grain subsidies give farmers a great psychological comfort , but also enable farmers to see the hope of rising food prices , it is the existence of such a hope , regardless of ups and downs in food , whole grain farmers’ enthusiasm only maintained at a high level. But if the food does not really rise, farmers can not continue to increase grain yield , farmers hope that hearts are difficult to sustain . This is a serious situation for SEED CLEANING MACHINE.In fact , our policy of agricultural subsidies over the years is to stabilize…

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