The Values Of Ambition in Leadership

Man is essentially an ambitious and a competitive being.

There has been no substantial change in man’s nature during the course of his evolution. He is still barbarian at heart, ready to kill another for his own survival or simply to prove his supremacy over the other, possibly a weaker person. His lust for power is as strong as ever. Driven by an unchecked ambition, he continues with his Endeavour unmindful of the havoc he may cause in the lives of others. His pride, ambition and selfishness drive him on his pursuit of personal gains.

History has given evidence to the fact that wars were waged by kings and emperors just to satisfy their ambitions. Example for this can be Alexander The Great, Ashoka and Hitler who, in order to rule over the whole world, caused bloodshed, death and destruction. According to Ramayana, Queen Kaikeyi had an ambitious plan to set her son, Bharata on the throne. This led Rama to forsake his throne for his younger brother and undertake fourteen years of exile. History, epics, legends and literature have recorded how lofty ambitions of men have disturbed the peace of the people around them. An ambitious person cares little for the well being of others, even if it means crushing the emotions and the precious lives of others.

Ambition always spells doom for the man who nurtures it and also leaves behind a trial of death and destruction. All religions preach universal love and peace. Great philosophers and prophets have preached the message of love and a control over one’s passions to attain salvation. Gandhi ji’s efforts of obtaining freedom through peaceful means were shattered because of the lofty ambitions of some leaders to grab power. The partition led to loss of life and property on both sides.

International peace remains a cherished dream now. Ambitions attempts to gain supremacy in the world have resulted in Nuclear Arms Proliferation. A mindless, power-hungry and an ambitious leader of any nuclear state could “destroy the planet.

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