My name is Darien Rajel J. Jarabe and I was born inQuezon City on November 23 1996. I am the youngest and my sister is thirteen years older than me. My mother’s name is Nenita J. Jarabe,she is a State Auditor in Commision on Audit. My father’s name is Rajel E Jarabe and he is a media technician in Saudi Arabia . We live in Barangay Graceville San jose del Monte Bulacan. Graceville is a small town with a little over 5000 residents.

I grew up in Pasay where my family where richest, my mother’s family is the richest. I quickly learned about the power of their family there. This way of life, caused a great deal of stress for the family. I remember my mother giving gifts to the children. Later as a student,I always have honors from nursery till Grade4. Despite my future visions and good intentions to pursue my studies, many decisions and circumstances influenced my path.

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When Im influenced by a group of bad influence students my studies are ruined I have bad grades and low attitude scores. I was devastated that I could not pursue my dreams of being a good technician When I turn to college I promised to myself that I will study hard and strive to get honors and to have high grades.. i promised not to get influenced I worked now as a technician as my part time job to provide my allowance for some times. My life is great I don’t want to get my life ruined because of bad peers and influences.

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