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An Analysis and Summary of Everyman Sample



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    Everyman is an English morality drama but the writer is anon. . The drama was written in the fifteenth century and it is thought to be derived from a Dutch drama with the same subject. While the writer is unknown. it is believed to be written by a priest. The ground is that the drama has a spiritual content and morale message.

    Everyman is the narrative of a adult male who all of a sudden faces with God. There are many characters in the drama and one of them is Death who is sent by God to Everyman for his pilgrim’s journey which is his last journey. When God send Death to Everyman. he asks him if he had forgotten his Godhead because Everyman is really much concerned with secular things. He is in lecherousness and interested in hoarded wealth during his life.

    When Death goes to Everyman to take him to his last journey. he wants him to take his full book of of histories. It means all the good and bad things that he has done during his life. As Everyman is occupied with worldly concerns merely and understands that this journey will find whether he is traveling to hell or heaven. he cries in vain and asks Death if he has to be entirely during the journey. Death tells him that he can hold company who may wish to do the journey with him and gives him some clip to happen 1. When Everyman has an chance take person with him. he first remembers Fellowship as they had spent clip together in athleticss and drama. When he explains his state of affairs to Fellowship. he says he can even travel to hell with him but every bit shortly as Fellowship realizes that they won’t have a return. he changes his head and does non desire to travel with Everyman. After that Everyman remembers Kindred. He considers Kindred as a stronger tie than friendly relationship because it is a tie of blood. He thinks that Kindred helps him anyhow but unluckily he is incorrect once more. When Kindred learns that Everyman must account for his good and bad workss. he refuses to attach to him. Everyman asks the same thing to his cousin but he doesn’t want to come by stating that he has a spasm in his toe.

    Everyman gets into a existent difficult state of affairs and starts to feel for himself. This clip he turns to Goods who he has loved really much for his life-time. But when Goods hears that they have to travel to the highest justice which is God. although Everyman tries to carry him that all wrongs become right with money. he refuses to travel excessively. He besides corrects Everyman that if he thinks this manner than it is a really large disadvantage in the eyes of the justice since worldly goods are non given but merely lent by him.

    Everyman is ashamed of his unworthy friends. He asks for the aid of Good-Deeds. He asks him to travel with him to afterlife but Good-Deeds refuses because Everyman has non done really many good workss during his life. So. alternatively of attach toing him. Good-Deeds leads him to Confession. But at the same clip. Good-Deed’s sister Knowledge stays with Everyman. She offers Everyman company to steer him to Confession. During her company. Five Witss. Beauty. Strength and Discretion joined Everyman.

    Confession lives in the redemption house. Taking commiseration on Everyman he gives him repentance which means Everyman suffers for his wickednesss to absolve his psyche. Everyman accepts repentance merrily given by the priest and gets rid of his features but Knowledge. the cousin of Good-Deeds and Good-Deeds merely. After Knowledge leaves. Everyman is released by the priest.

    As a consequence of these incidents. Everyman’s last journey starts which means that his history is ready. When Everyman prepares to run into Death. all of his comrades which are Knowledge. Strength. Beauty. Discretion and Five Wits leave him except Good-Deeds. He stays with Everyman until the terminal of his earthly life. They descend into the grave. An Angel who is chosen as the married woman of Jesus welcomes Everyman. His psyche is taken from his organic structure and tells that his calculation is clear.

    At the terminal. a Doctor appears and he really reminds all work forces of their last journey. He emphasizes that merely Good-Deeds avail the psyche at the concluding opinion.

    Everyman is an allegyrical narrative of a adult male who all of a sudden meets with his Maker. He complains of non to be ready but the clip can be determined merely by God. As he neglected God. he knows that his pilgrim’s journey can non be a good 1 and he fears so he needs to have some aid. After holding some letdowns. Everyman listens to the instructions and asks for the forgiveness of God. When he achieves this. he can be together with Good-Deeds once more who accompanies him untill the really terminal.

    In the drama. Everyman. there are several subjects such as the function of religious life in the lives of earthly work forces. rectification of moral. the inevitableness of decease and besides men’s relationship with household. kindred. material ownerships. good workss. beauty. strength. discretion. five senses. cognition and confession.

    Although Everyman is a drama written in the fifteenth century. for Middle Ages. it has a modern application to the twenty-first century. In other words. Everyman gives a cosmopolitan message. Life is something really cherished and noone can cognize when it is taken from them so everyman should populate really carefully by retrieving that today can be the last twenty-four hours of life and as a consequence. they should do things right. Everyone must be cognizant of his endowments. Some people have many endowments. some have a few and possibly some people have merely one endowment but whatever it is. everyman should do usage of them sagely because there is merely one thing that will assist people during the journey and that is something religious which is inside of work forces. These religious things. virtuousnesss and how they act are told in this drama.

    Fictional characters in Everyman

    There are many characters in the drama which represents a different feature of the chief character. These are used as symbols.

    As an illustration ; Beauty. Strength. Discretion. Five Witss exist in a individual. They are the features that make up a individual whereas they are non he most of import 1. The character. Good-Deeds is the most one which a individual should hold to populate a good life. Another of import character is Knowledge. It is because when Everyman goes Afterlife he has Knowledge with him besides Good-Deeds.

    Death represents the courier of God. When he comes he delivers inaugural to Everyman to happen something to attach to him for his last journey. In other words. it changes the lives of people.

    There is a strong imaginativeness in Everyman. The characters serve as symbols and by this manner. a certain thought is given to the readers and/or the histrions to hold a better apprehension.

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