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The Alliance Cosmetic Group launched SALESGIRL in June 2005, adding new excitement to the landscape of color cosmetics in the mass retail market. SALESGIRL offers a complete range of high quality color cosmetics that will meet the needs of discerning consumers in both the urban and suburban markets. Salesgirl’s brand personality is fun, young, colorful and exudes confidence. The core promise of the brand is delivered through the latest color trend and high quality specifications Of the products.

SALESGIRL is now marketed at over 1,000 cosmetics counters in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunet and Jakarta. In Malaysia, it is available at Guardian, Watson, Parson, Cisco, Sass, Apex and other independent supermarkets and pharmacies. Following the success Of SALESGIRL color cosmetics, the Alliance Group launched its fragrance nine in July 2006. Apart from introducing the SALESGIRL women’s fragrances, the Alliance Cosmetic Group also introduced the SO Men fragrances; bringing on board Malaysian heartthrob Maim into the Silky family.

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The marketing plan aims to further publicize SILKY Rill’s product line through extensive commercial advertising as well as to further add value to their existing product lines, introducing a new product line, SILKY LUKE to cater to a different type of consumers, Lastly, implementations were being planned out for SILKY LUKE, Marketing Strategies and the Marketing Mix, will help to build a rapport tort the ewe brand and will lead to more profits, The Alliance Cosmetic Group (GAG), a leading distributor of cosmetics and personal care products in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunet & Indonesia. The Alliance Cosmetic Croup’s mission is to be the No.

I cosmetics company in the SEAN region, providing women the opportunity to look and feel good about themselves, irrespective of their ethnicity group and skin tone. Having noticed that the mass color cosmetics market was dominated by international brands, GAG decided to launch its own brand. In 2005, GAG embarked on that journey and hence SALESGIRL was introduced to the market. SALESGIRL was launched simultaneously across Malaysia, Singapore & Brunet in May 2005. Following the success of SALESGIRL color cosmetics, the Alliance Cosmetic Group launched its fragrance line in July 2006.

Apart from the SALESGIRL fragrances, AC also introduced SO MEN fragrances. Within 2 and a half years of its launch, SALESGIRL had also outsold international cosmetics giant, L’Oreal & Amiability; taking ownership Of being the NO. I mass color cosmetics brand in retail shops throughout Malaysia. SALESGIRL made waves in the mass retail market in Singapore by being one Of the top four brands in the color cosmetics category. In 2010, SALESGIRL took to the shores of Indonesia. TO date, SALESGIRL has more than 5,000 doors in Indonesia. GAG International aims to be a major player in the SEAN region by 2013.

SALESGIRL is a home-grown color cosmetics brand of Alliance Cosmetics SD Bad. SALESGIRL is an exciting brand that offers a complete range of color cosmetics for fun-loving teenagers and young working women wanting to beautify themselves. SALESGIRL is created specially for young Asian women in the age group of 18 to 25, with a number of contrasting demands, with the desire to help them define their own unique personality through a tuitions of products and lour, Regardless of one’s features, skin tone or skin type, SALESGIRL has just the right product that brings out the best in oneself.

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