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An Aspect of my Identity

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An Aspect of my Identity or Something I do that is Important to my Sense of Who and What I am. There are many things which people do to signify their sense of identity. To me, the most important aspect to my identity is my honesty.

Many will think insignificantly of honesty but this is a deceptive way of rationalizing. Trust and friendship are partially based on honesty as no one would have confidence with a dishonest person. So it is important to be honest.

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An Aspect of my Identity
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I value my truthfulness very highly because many important factors revolve around this principal.

Your trust is gained if others see you as an honest person and those who see this goodness will likely want to be your friend. Only goods things can happen to you if you have good friends who trust you. Many jobs also revolve around the factor of honesty as nobody would want the head of a company to cheat them nor would you want a cashier to sneak steal from you.

Those who trust and believe is God are assured that it is important as the bible states that “thy shall not bear false witness” which means that God wants everyone to be honest.

Even the atheist must think that being sincere is meaningful as they would have nothing to lose should this belief be faulty. But many gain straight away as I learned not to lie since I was a child. This proved to be important because it led me to meet good friends who are equally honest. It had changed my life from a mischievous little kid into a respectable child.

This meant that I no longer got into misdemeanors because I had good and truthful friends. I am reminded of who I am when I think of my family’s sincerity.It keeps me out of the many distractions of life such as smoking because it reminds me that my parents have educated me in the best of manner and they deserve the integrity I owe them. It also reminds me of my luck which many other people have never experienced and in return this keeps me straight with honesty.

The clearest aspect that reflects my identity is my honestly. It serves as a reminder on who I am and keeps my priorities straight. I think that truthfulness has been overlooked but people have different views on what is important but from my experience, nothing can hurt you by being honest.

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