Analysis Of An Aztec Encounter Research Essay

Analysis Of An Aztec Encounter Essay, Research Paper

The Spaniard and Aztec civilisations were

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Analysis Of An Aztec Encounter Research
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two wholly different universes whose doomed brush caused some surprising

reactions from both parties. Neither of these states knew precisely

what to anticipate or how to respond to each other? s behaviours. Differences

in faith, imposts and arms became the make up one’s minding factors of who would

be the dominant attacker in these brushs. Even though both parties

were unsure of what to anticipate, the Spaniards had already set a end for

themselves before they set pes in Mexico.

They wanted to suppress

the other state and work them for anything of value.

The flood tide of the Aztec Empire and the

conquistadors occurred when Motecuhzoma and Cortes met face to face for

the first clip. The Spaniards every bit good as the Aztecs had no hint what

to anticipate. Motecuhzoma told Cortes, ? Our Godhead, you are weary.

The journey has tired you, but now you have arrived on Earth? to sit on

your throne, under its canopy.

? This was due to the fact that the

Aztec faith told of a God, Quetzalcoatl, who would come from the celestial spheres

and take his topographic point as swayer of the Aztec Empire. Thus Motecuhzoma

showered the Spaniards with many all right gifts. Unlike the Spaniards

believed, these all right gifts were non truly a mark of Aztec entry but

instead as a mark of wealth and power. In order to give proper regard

to their alleged God, the Aztecs had to demo that they were a worthy

and powerful state. The Spaniards took this as a failing.

They thought the Aztecs feared them, which boosted up their assurance

degree even though they were greatly outnumbered.

The Spaniards had to pass on with

the Aztecs by utilizing La Malinche as an translator. She fundamentally

made the Aztecs believe that Cortes was a good adult male and would be do them

no injury. They besides had other autochthonal people who were allied with

the Spanish. The Aztecs must hold viewed this as a mark that these

aliens would be peaceable since they had others of their sort on the

Spaniard? s side. La Malinche translated all that Motecuhzoma had

said to Cortes. On page sixty-four of The Broken Spears it says,

? Cortezs replied in his strange and barbarian lingua? ? In other transitions in

the book it depicts the Spaniards as wild and barbarian. This brings

up another point that merely as the Spaniards idea of the Aztecs as being

barbaric, some Aztecs felt the same manner about the Spaniards. The

Aztecs besides thought of the Spaniards as barbarians. Who would fault

them? After all they must hold heard narratives of how the Spanish

had killed 1000s of autochthonal people for seemingly no ground, firing

and plundering all towns in his way.

The Aztecs were incognizant of the hocus-pocus

that Cortes would utilize on them. He had to catch the Aztecs unaware.

He told La Malinche to state Motecuhzoma that, ? There is nil to fear?

state him that we love him good and our Black Marias are contented. ? He

took this to his advantage by lying to him. The Spaniards later grasped

Motecuhzoma? s custodies and patted his dorsum to demo fondness. The Aztecs

were non at all prepared for an onslaught of contending which would happen

subsequently on.

The Spaniards knew that they could non

take on the

whole Aztec Empire since they were so many compared to the

figure of conquistadors. They decided to take Motecuhzoma captive

and maintain him hostage in order to command the Aztecs. These people

did non cognize what was traveling on. As it says on page 65, many

ran off and went into concealment. The Spaniards already cognize that their

arms caused much confusion and struck some fright in these native people,

so they fired one of their canons and people ran and fled. They used

arms unknown to them which gave the Spanish a little advantage by method

of bullying so the Aztecs would non seek anything. The Spaniards

did non instantly get down to assail the Aztecs yet because they knew they

could be crushed because of the huge size of their ground forces.

Alternatively, when the Spanish captured Motecuhzoma,

they kept him alive in order to command the Aztecs. They used Motecuhzoma

so that he would state his people to give the Spaniards commissariats, supplies,

and valuables, chiefly gold. They had no pick but to obey the bids

of their leader. The Aztecs were confused, scared, and angry all at the

same clip. It all seemed to go on so all of a sudden that no one precisely

cognize what to believe.

Even though the Spanish kept their leader

prisoner it is surprising that that the Aztecs planned no effort to deliverance

their leader or contend back at first. Most people would believe it was

merely out of fright. One must recognize that the Aztecs thought the Spanish

were Gods so this could was a major ground why the Aztecs did non form

to assail the Spanish one time Motecuhzoma was taken surety. Many were

frightened and merely wanted the Spaniards to travel off. When the Aztecs

came to give the Spanish commissariats, they gave them the supplies and shook

in fright as they did so. After passing them the commissariats they turned

and hurried off. This seems strange that a people with a repute

of being really brave and warlike would be so frightened of the little group of

work forces which captured their male monarch. I believe this is due to the fact

that they thought the Spanish were powerful existences, therefore they couldn? T

truly be hurt. There must? ve been a point when the Aztecs realized

the Spanish weren? t supernatural existences and could be killed. I believe

that at this point they started arising and contending back against the

Spaniards. This was besides to the advantage of the Spanish that they

struck at the Aztecs foremost before they had a opportunity to contend back.

There were many minor misunderstandings

due to the differences in the two civilizations that happened to give the Spanish

the upper manus. The Aztecs were non a incapacitated group of people like

I had thought before I had read this book. The Spanish history of

the conquering of Mexico portrays Motecuhzoma as one who wholly resignations

to them out of fright instead than a misconception of civilization. It besides

portrays the indigens as a incapacitated group of people who merely invariably

are slaughtered by the high quality of the Spanish and it seems to except

the losingss the Spanish had while contending these indigens. This is

an illustration of how truth can be distorted if one merely listens to one side

of an statement. As a basic regulation, one should ever look at both sides

of a narrative in order to hold a more educated sentiment on that affair.

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