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Situation That Changed My Life

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An Event That Changed My LifeOpen your eyes. Let the music surround you and indulge. But don’t let itblind you. We must stay alert and strong. You can take them, for they are theweak. Find the source; he is there if you look, if you accept, if you are open.

For the act of closing is futile. You cannot see his heart, but you can feelhis love.

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Situation That Changed My Life
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The children run out into the new day to find the bitter cold exciting.

Whentucked into their warm beds, the world was dreaming. They dread the next day,waiting for the arrival of the school bus. But when they awoke to the whiteness,the pureness, a sort of childish bliss swept through them, for this kind ofhappiness is only felt with the drifting in of snow and the voice of the radioannouncer declaring a day off of studies.

Mothers curse the administrators, insiting the weather shouldn’t stop the dailystudy of knowledge. Fathers curse the plow trucks for their hectic ride intowork that awaits before them.

But the children open their eyes to see themiracle, little as it may seem. The children hesitate not, for at any momentthey know it may melt away, like their past. The snowmen are created as if Godhad sprinkled a little of his miracle in each of their tiny hands. Snowballsare thrown playfully by young boys, showing their masculinity to the girls whogiggle at their immiturity. No one notices the shadow.She walks through,smiling to herself at the past she barely can recall. The angelic music of herpast plays to herself. She wonders if the children themselves can hear thesongs of the angels. She just then realizes that they are the angles.


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