That Day That Changed My Life

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The pain that ran through my body and heart was indescribable. Loneliness and emptiness filled my mind as I thought about never seeing my great uncle again, causing me to ache. His passing was a tragic event, and no amount of hugs and kisses could make up for the loss of his life. He was an inspiration to me, and now that he is gone, I feel lost. I owe who I am today to him.

I have immense gratitude towards him for giving me Annie, my second horse. Together, Annie and I have achieved numerous milestones such as participating in competitions, joining the pony club, and going on casual trail rides in the bush.

Thanks to my amazing great uncle, I have gained self-assurance and a sense of euphoria during the most favorable moments. Now, I possess the ability to work alongside animals, participate in delightful experiences, and establish a deep connection with them. My proficiency and familiarity with horses and other creatures are solely attributed to him.

The combination of the fragrance of horse manure and freshly trimmed grass, accompanied by the refreshing breeze brushing against my cheeks and the panoramic view of sprawling bush paddocks as far as my eyes could behold, resulted in an ethereal ambiance. In that instance, I felt invulnerable and unaffected by any external factors or individuals nearby. It was just me standing in a pasture brimming with boundless contemplation.

When I initially visited Klaas’ farm, I was a young child in a pram. Over the course of several years, I accumulated memories and numerous experiences that I will always cherish. One such experience involved rescuing a young calf from a dam. The calf had become trapped in the mud due to its curious nature towards the water. We removed our boots and cautiously entered the murky brown water, ensuring not to startle the already distressed calf.

As I struggled to lift the calf’s head above the water, my feet sank into the mud. We pushed together, counting one, two, and three. Time passed as the calf remained stuck in the deep mud. With one final effort, I pushed and lifted until the calf slipped free. The overwhelming feeling of saving this precious creature filled me with joy. At just 16 years old, I have gained knowledge of working with Horses, Cows, Sheep, and Dogs, making it a daily accomplishment on the land.

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