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That Day That Changed My Life

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The pain that ran though my body and heart was indescribable, loneliness, emptiness having the thought in my mind of never seeing my great uncle again made me ache. His passing was very unfortunate. No amount of hugs and kisses could make up for this loss of life. Having him being an inspiration to me, I now feel like I am lost. I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for him. I was so very grateful when he gave me my second horse, Annie.

Annie and I have managed to go very far together, competitions, pony club and also the casual trail ride up the bush.

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That Day That Changed My Life
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She has boosted my confidence and just made me feel on top of the world at the best of times. I’m able to work with animals and have happy experiences now as well as share and build a bond with them. Everything I have learnt with horses and animals has all been thanks to my beautiful great uncle.

Having the smell of horse manure and freshly cut grass with the feeling of sweet cool wind on my cheeks the view of the bush paddocks as far as I could see made me feel like I was dreaming. Nothing around me could possibly hurt me or affect me or anyone else, just a paddock full of open thoughts.

When I first went to Klaas’ farm I was very young and in a pram, over many years of going down to the farm I then gained memories and many experiences that I will forget. One of them experiences being when we had to pull a young calf out of the dam, the calf was just a little too curious of the water and had just gotten stuck in the mud. We ripped off our boots, and slowly started entering the dirty brown watered dam, as we did not want to startle the calf, as he was already stress.

My feet where almost suctioned into the mud, as I lifted the calves sloppy wet head to keep it above the water. We pushed, one, two, and three. Minutes went ticking by; this calf was in the mud deep. I then gave one last push trying so hard to lift and push the calf it slipped out of the mud. The feeling of saving this beautiful little creature made me so overwhelmed, it was just adorable. I’m Currently 16 years old and have learnt many ways of the land, working with the Horses, Cows, Sheep and Dogs is a daily achievement.

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