An experience that helped me grow up

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An experience that helped you understand purpose of Life: When God created this universe, he created each every particle in it with a certain purpose and with a certain design in mind. And that is what our belief in our religion tells us that no one is superior or inferior in front of Allah but it’s our deeds that make us superior or inferior in front of our creator. Our deeds are determined by our performance in the tasks that Allah gives us throughout our lives. My maturity in conceiving the purpose of life didn’t come naturally but it was achieved when I witnessed the life events of one of my closest friend and the way she coped with each and every challenge of life with an open mind and with great composure on her part. My best childhood and school friend Hiba was with me since 6th grade and she was well known among all her friend circle to be very charming not because of her good looks but more because of the way she always had the positive perspective for every event happening around us.

She was the one in our friend group whom we all used to look up to whenever we were stuck in little mischieviious and innocent situations of school life without knowing the fact that God is going put her through such big challenges of life where she will be all alone dealing with the high tides of this world. It was pleasant morning of winters and the school day began with usual exchange of pleasantries between classmates. Hiba was smiling and mischievous as usual and our 10th grade class teacher began the day with taking our attendance. Almost two lectures have gone by when a PA to principal came to our class and told Hiba to report the principal as soon as possible. A few minutes later we came to know that Hiba’s parents had died in road accident on the motorway. There whole class room went into complete silence and we had no difficulty imagining how hard this news will be for Hiba, who was the eldest among the sisters. She was a brilliant student and had always wanted to be a doctor. That evening all friends went to the Hiba’s home to pay our condolences and to our amazement Hiba was sitting all composed and calm. The only words we heard from her mouth were the pray that May god give her strength to be a support for her sisters and even at those tough times she was thankful to God for all the blessings He had bestowed open the family.

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Listening to her saying that prayer I felt as if we all are very immature about our perspective of living and also knew at that moment that God will become her greatest strength and will pull her and her sisters out of this situation and will bless her more than she will ever think of. That day I learned that we should be thankful to our God for every single breath of our life and instead of asking Him for more we should thank Him for what he has already given us. And we should never idealize too much instead we should be prepared to stand against every challenge, life throws at us and we shouldn’t find strength in our weaknesses and lust for life but our main strength lies in our belief in Allah and what we have today right here right at the moment. Today Hiba is studying medicine on scholarship in one of the top university of Pakistan. And she is also managing her whole house with the money her father left for the family. I amm sure the day is not far away when she will be a famous doctor of Pakistan. We as persons and as a nation needs to understand that God gives challenges only to those who have the strength to bear them and belief in God is the most important ingredient of life which one should never forget.

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