An Inspector Calls Generation Gap Sample Essay

J. B. Priestley demonstrates the differences in attitude of the younger coevals and older coevals by showing them with the same jobs and seeing how their reactions differ from each other. We see that the younger coevals. overall. is more open­minded and honest in respects to the decease of Eva Smith. while the older coevals is immune and really certain in their ain ways.

Mrs. Birling is critical to the misss of the younger coevals. “What an look. Sheila! Truly.

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An Inspector Calls Generation Gap Sample
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the things you girls pick up these yearss! ” Mrs. Birling looks down on the younger coevals and categorise them all into a group that she believed to be unlogical. and continues on by knocking them. Mr. Birling has much assurance in himself which explains why he is really set in his ways. “Just allow me complete. Eric. You’ve a batch to larn yet. ” Taking Eric’s young person into consideration. Birling garbages to listen and thinks of Eric as incorrect and foolish.

These are merely two illustrations of how the older coevals is highly set in their manner and how cocksure

they are. Because of these properties. they ever believe themselves to be right. which in bend causes them to see the younger coevals as foolish. The older coevals will besides make anything to protect themselves and be on the safe side. which could include lying or utilizing selective truths to come off as inexperienced person.

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