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An introduction to human services

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    Let people from all walks of life have a first-hand experience of legal repercussions/entanglements when anyone of us faces a legal situation expected or unexpected.  Primarily, one must and should be aware of not getting involved into situations where he/she is ought to fall in dangerous situations.  Most parents, guardians, caretakers etc. have assumed more or less responsibility towards their kids/wards.  Less responsibility shown by the parents results in their kids getting into more and more trouble, which makes them antisocials, drug addicts, sexually immoral etc. and the list goes on and on.

    The duty of parents is to keep a tab on their wards activities and movements day-to-day, which will enable them to know what is going on in their children’s life.  Even it the utmost duty of the children to keep their parents informed of what is happening in their life.  Children (kids/teens) have to be open to the parents whenever they face a situation, which is not manageable by them.  Take for example the Tarasoff Case.  If Tatiana Tarasoff would have informed her parents/elders in the first instance when she was stalked by her accuser Prosenjit Poddar, she would have probably been alive.  She waited in patience and her patience turned costly for which she paid with her life.  A man/woman scorned in love or romantic adventures are deemed to do things such as Poddar had done to Tatiana.

    Now coming on the main aspect of the case – the main thesis if initially effective measures for personal protection should have to be taken by a defendant when he/she is aware of the clear and present danger that there is someone out there to harm them in any form, maybe physical, sexual, verbal, emotional etc. kind of abuses.  Only after the Tarasoff family realized their mistake of not providing any kind of protection to their daughter Tatiana, they really wanted to sue University of California, health center staff members, and the police department.  Was it right on their part to do such a kind of thing?.  The answer is a NO.  Why?:  Firstly, What was their daughter Tatiana doing when she knew of Poddar’s intentions; did she inform her college dean or counselor about such a thing that was causing her mental tension or discomfort.  Secondly, In one or the other way Tatiana must have been lenient to Poddar, which may have given him a chance to advance further to show his affection towards Tatiana.  As things usually occur in college life, things between these two persons may have been normal initially; there may have been some or the other kind of misunderstandings between these two when Tatiana must have decided to call an end to the shots.  This also may have infuriated Poddar.  Finally, If Tatiana was really in a mess with regards to Poddar, why did she not inform her parents/guardians.  They could have done something about so that in the future Tatiana would not have lost her life to a scorned lover.

    Now turning attention towards the college campus where these two individuals were studying, as responsible citizens, it was the duty of the college personnel to take action against Poddar for stalking Tatiana, provided they were informed about inappropriate things happening within their campus or off campus.  As being responsible citizens who value human life, it was a part of human service in counseling Poddar initially with stern warnings or if need be he could be suspended for a few days or sent for psychiatric treatment to some mental health center to change his thinking towards a girl who has no interest in him.

    In conclusion, it is really the duty of every individual to provide human services to people by educating them about the pros and cons of societal/social problems.  One has to be very alert of the rights and limitations of other individuals.  One should not cross the limits whether socially, ethically, or morally to force one’s desires/ideas/hidden motto’s on any other individual.  One has to respect the either sex and vice versa, understand each other.  Then only can there be a responsibility called Human Service, helping the one in need when it is required.

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