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Analysis of ‘Dinnerladies’



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    The characters are well represented through the clothes that they where.

    Bren wears her work overalls, with leggings underneath. She is often laughed at, as all her clothes are leggings and “off the market”. When seen out of costume she just tends to wear a baggy t-shirt. This represents the fact that she no longer has to make an effort into looking good because she divorced her husband.

    Although, when Tony and her start to get together she is teased about her clothes and changes them ever so slightly towards the end of the series.Tony wears a shirt and tie, showing his boss status and his need to be smart. He also almost always wears a hat that would prevent hair from going in the food in a real kitchen. This shows that he spends most of his time in the kitchen.

    Twinkle wears her work overalls, but never appears to be wearing anything underneath, mainly because she is probably wearing as short skirt or some other form of unsuitable work clothing. This shows her rebellious streak, and her nature to do as she wishes. When she is shown out of her work outfit she’s shown to be wearing short skirts and tops bearing her midriff.This shows off her sluttish nature.

    Dolly wears sensible shoes with long skirts. This shows her snobbish nature in that the clothes she wears are often very posh looking. Jeans character wears the same sort of outfits as Dolly. This is because they are of the same age and same sort of people.

    However, when jean is seen off duty, her clothes do tend to be slightly lower cut than Dollys giving a bit more of an idea about her obsession with sex. Stan wears a typical handy-mans outfit. This shows the job he has within the company, and his status of the man of the group.When he does not wear the overalls, he is seen in a shirt and tie, representing his conservative attitude, and old fashioned ways.

    Anita wears a long skirt, much like Dolly and Jean, and the same type of shoes, although when she is seen off duty she wears more fashionable clothing representing her age group a bit more. She wears quite plain clothes, representing her simple nature. Stereotypical views of the working class are reinforced through the characters in a variety of ways. Bren wears clothes the others consider to be cheap, for example, when Tony refers to Bren getting all her clothes of the market.

    She does not always speak in Standard English, e. g. “me mother”. This is typical northern dialect.

    Tony uses very northern terms that southerners may not understand. He uses colloquial language in every sentence contrasting characters such as Phillipa. Twinkle swears, and refers to sex a lot representing stereotypical working class people. Although Dolly is working class, she does not come across that way.

    She flinches at obscenities and speaks very good English. This makes an interesting character contrast to others such as Twinkle who is a complete opposite.Jean is talks willingly about personal problems and her sex life which Dolly does not approve of, automatically fitting in with the stereotype higher classes looking down on working classes. Stan, having come from a military background, adopts a very much ‘get on with it’ attitude.

    This reinforces the attitude that working people do mostly work very hard. Phillipa wears smart wear, showing she’s taking her job seriously. She wears long skirts and shirts, showing a middle class conservative attitude.Her hair and make up is always perfect contrasting her middle class status with other characters such as Petula.

    She is always very optimistic, using over the top phrases such as “that’s absolutely smashing” to describe small everyday things and she never swears but instead uses phrases such as “crikey I’m such a twerp”. When she speak hre language is quite formal. She uses words such as “smashing” and “spiffing” which are also old-fashioned words. She uses standard formal English, showing she comes from a well educate background.

    The character of Tony displays delusions of grandeur.He is the manager of the canteen and therefore believes he is in control of the situation, but it’s really the women who run the canteen. If he gives and instruction the women will just ignore him if they don’t want to do it, or complain and give him grief. This provides humour because it makes the situation funnier with everyone reacting and ignoring directions.

    It also provides conflict between the characters which is funny to watch. Bren and Petulas relationship is of mother and daughter, although it doesn’t always come across that way.The roles seem to swap, so that it is Bren taking care of Petula, for example having to pay to fix her caravan. This provides humour because it makes Petula seem even more helpless than she is.

    The canteen staff do not like Petula much as the only time they see her she is trying to get something of Bren, whether it be money or a favour of some sort. However, Bren does seem to still do whatever her mother requires of her. Bren and Tony have a very easy going relationship. They quite clearly like one another, but neither is prepared to make the first move.

    They get on very well, and tend to stand around and chat.Because they are within such close proximities of each other, i. e. the canteen, all the time they would have to get on well with each other to be able to cope.

    Twinkle and Jean are both unruly woman within the sitcom. They do not follow typical gender stereotypes of woman not swearing etc. They constantly refer to sex/sexual based things in conversation e. g.

    Twinkle, scroty old tabard”. Twinkle is also quite manly in a sense that she speaks a bit like a man, and shows no shame. Both women are not afraid to stand up for themselves to their boss, and are very opinionated.

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