Analysis of the show “Scandal”

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Analysis of the show “ Scandal ”

“ Scandal ” a new Television show on the ABC channel created by Shonda Rhimes and starring Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope is a series that depicts the atrociousnesss in Washington political relations and the different love relationships webs that come with it. The show is non a contradiction of what people assume to go on at the Capitol Hill. Scandal is a show that syncs with the people ‘s cynicism as the president, Fitzgerald and his top lieutenants are fallacious self-seekers and will travel to any length to be in power. It is viewed to be the first of all time Television play since 1974 that has had a black female as the cardinal character. We see Pope, who was one time the President ‘s most entrusted staff and his secret kept woman, is the top notch influence peddler in Washington. She is depicted as a ferocious lady who gets anything done even the things that people would believe as insolvable. She has a squad that she has rescued from the worst of state of affairss and brought them back to hold a significance in life. They work together and mention to themselves as “ gladiators in suits. ”

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Shonda Rhimes has created a show that clearly brings us into all the issues that the modern-day society faces like, election tackle, relationships, blackwash efforts, the corruptness and intimidation that goes about in the Supreme Court and sexual orientations. All these are facts that many persons can place with, and it is for that ground that it is a swerving show that cipher would desire to go through for any other show. It besides delves into familiar topics that we see in any primetime play ; friendly relationship, trueness, dating, flirtation, sex, matrimony, treachery, confederacy, misrepresentation, slaying. Corporate espionage, household and tonss of other popular topics. But it besides profoundly looks at serious subjects like interracial relationships, reputability in political relations, sexism and misogynism. Some may even see it as modern bondage where we see Pope as the slave and President Grant as the proprietor and I must acknowledge that the show is complex and a insurgent political review.

The mark audience is chiefly from the politicians and people in power to the guiltless citizens who many a times are non cognizant of what goes on at the Capitol Hill. The authors of the show attempt to cast visible radiation on the assorted scruples that exist in today ‘s society, and they besides critique affairs that are beyond political corruptness. They bring their point place really good, and one can non lose a topic seeking to be described in the show. Although Shonda Rhimes created it to be a fantastical and inflated show, many people can associate it to their lives and the political secret plans. The authors have managed to capture the audience attending in all facets.

Pope runs her ain concern, and her work is model, she is confident and a go getter all the right traits of a successful adult female. Her suers are all successful work forces, work forces with stature and a topographic point in the society. Her male parent is a successful man of affairs who runs plans that relate to the authorities and the political relations behind it. The company that Olivia supports are all affluent power hungry persons, even the patronage are merely high profiled persons. The show tries to demo the audience the importance of success and what you can accomplish if you are rich. Many black adult females place with the dirt since it is non frequent that you will happen a Television series or film picturing a successful black adult female with the qualities that Olivia Pope has. Many shows ever incorporate a black adult female to hold defects and give rather a figure of grounds why things are non merely go oning to her but non “ Scandal. ”

The show incorporates all facets of ethnicity, gender and gender, race and societal categories ( Omi, n.d. ) . In fact is it a reviewing show for the black audience and non-black viewing audiences in many different ways. It has managed to raise the heavy weight of racism and race. Pope is a influence peddler who frequently attracts influential white work forces and non even one time in the show have we heard them spit names. Further, we see the relationship she has with Fitz and Jake ( army veteran ) who is besides white. The show has created diverseness and an across-the-board subject where people are equal, no favoritisms in footings of race. It is besides diverse in footings of gender and gender. Cyrus Been, the head of staff to the President, started off as uncomfortable about uncovering her gender in fright that possibly he will non be accepted. That may be all the duty tasked on him would be taken off, but we see the characters every bit suiting as Cyrus is in a happy brotherhood with the newsman James Novack. There is besides a scene that Olivia and her squad helped a homosexual soldier who is a Republican leader and helped him understand the importance of truth and self-identity. “ Scandal ” shows a community that is accepting for all no affair your gender, gender or sexual orientation. The show does non demo any societal category indifferences, and if there is any, so it ‘s really infinitesimal, about irrelevant ( Stanley, 2012 ) .

The characters have different personalities that run all over the topographic point. There are desirable and unwanted that the audience would wish to associate to, and others refrain from. Hollis Doyle, a successful man of affairs in the energy sector, is shown to be an self-seeker, conniving, and even his affiliates in the election set uping do non swear him. The President whom many consider as a function theoretical account has a character that is extremely controversial, he has an adulterous matter with Pope, he comes realizes that he is in office out of an election set uping but does nil other than kill the incumbent main justness. The personalities of all the characters are questionable to some degree ; there is no one individual that is flawless in “ Scandal ” in footings of personality. They leave nil to want except Pope ‘s prosperity that many black adult females place and the society appreciates her undying will to assist other people in the dirt but her sexual history with the President are questionable.

The plan promotes individuality and but does non back up the unidimensional positions produced by theism, sexism, political relations or racism ( Omi, n.d. ) . The show is considered a feminist Television series and it challenges what is expected on gender, race and gender in all the characters and secret plan of the show. The Vice President and the Attorney General are adult females. All high and mighty head of staff is cheery. Interracial relationships, people ‘s colour, people ‘s sexual orientation are treated as ordinary instead than the manner in which some people represent them as some disgraceful, battle or stereotypes. Rather the “ dirt ” is the state of affairss that they find themselves in. But every bit much as it is brought out with the feminist component, the relationship trigon that exists between Mellie, Fitz and Pope undermines feminism. Pope is seen as a strong adult female, but at the same clip weak and stupid when it comes to the affairs of the bosom and it is construed to be true love. Olivia even turns down a proposal from Edison since she wants to be in a relationship with Fitz, which is merely a devastating and painful brush which diminishes feminism in all facets ( Frings, 2014 ) .

Equally much as the show has a batch of lessons that the society can absorb, in my sentiment the show mocks what we would see to be of import values that many would wish to recite. From election set uping to slay, adulterous personal businesss to intriguing, sabotage of other people ‘s lives merely to acquire their manner and power hungriness. There are a batch of all right things to associate to in the show, but there are tonss of traits that wouldn’t sit right with consumerism. The “ dirts ” Olivia and her squad of gladiators holes are impractical, and the fact that one individual is ever right and have their manner in all state of affairss is merely unrealistic.

In a manner, the show peeps into the world of today ‘s political relations, and it ‘s unfortunate that it is a parallel ordeal to what we see in world. However, human existences are frequently entertained with what frightens them in existent life and therefore makes “ Scandal ” the best show to make that. Shonda Rhimes has managed to make a show that many can associate to and develop different positions.


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