Ancient Egypt Geography

According to World Studies: The Ancient World page 256 the absolute location for the capital of Egypt, Cairo is 30 degrees N 32 degrees E. The Relative for Egypt is that it is north of Sudan, south of the Mediterranean Sea, west of the Red Sea, and east of Libya. According to World Studies: The Ancient World page 71 to 73 the climate of Egypt is hot but not to dry. The landforms of Ancient Egypt are the 6 Nile cataracts also known as rock filled rapids.

The mountains were higher near Upper Egypt, present-day Sudan and lower near Lower Egypt. According to page 82 to 84vthe religion of Ancient Egypt is the belief of many gods called polytheism. They also believe in the afterlife. This when a man dies they live a life after death. That is why when a Pharaoh is mummified and put into his tomb he is placed with lots of jewelry and expensive items like fine pottery, so he or she has those items in the afterlife.

According to World Studies: The Ancient World page 246 to 247 Ancient Egypt is in the Northwestern Hemisphere and the 2 continents of Africa and Asia. According to page 76 to 81 Ancient Egypt is run by a government called kingship. Kings were called Pharaohs. Pharaohs are told to be gods that came down to earth. Most Pharaohs are descended from past Pharaohs this is called a dynasty. Pharaohs have absolute power or complete control over the kingdom. According to World Studies: The Ancient World page 75 the Nile River works as a highway for trade.

This is because Ships could travel north, the way the river flows. Ships could sail south with wind that blew up river. According to World Studies: The Ancient World page 71 to 73 the environment affects the people of Ancient Egypt when the Nile River floods and washes away houses, crops and even people. The cataracts make it harder to travel because of the deadly rapids. The people effect the environment by creating irrigation systems by digging the canals from the river to the farm land far away.

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