The Role of Women in Ancient Persia and Ancient Egypt

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Throughout history, most societies held women in an inferior status compared to that of men. This was often justified as being the natural result of biological differences between the men and women. In many societies, people believed women to be more emotional and less decisive than men and not that strong. But it’s different from time to time also it depends on culture of people in different areas. We are going to compare roles of women in Ancient Persia and Ancient Egypt.

women in ancient Egypt were the equals of men in most areas except occupations. One of Egyptian writers note how women were equal to men in most areas except for jobs: Men fought, ran the government and society, and managed farms; women cooked, and managed houses. Men held good positions of authority such as king, general, and a man was considered the head of the whole household but, women exercised considerable power and independence. Women in ancient Egypt had some special rights which other women did not have in other comparable societies. They could be present and were legally at court, equal to men. However, Ancient Egypt was that kind of societies dominated by men only. Women could not have important positions unlike men in administration and were also excluded from ruling the country although there are some significant exceptions.

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Ancient Persia was in modern day Iran, from 550 B.C. to 650 A.D. history books and texts provide us with a unique insight into the social and economic and political situation of Persian women, royal and non-royal, as well as female workers. These women owned property, were involved in managing their assets. Participated in economic activities of the estate and other economic units. They had employment opportunities earned wages and as a result were able to be economically independent. Patriarchal system prevailed, and husbands and other males had far more rights and privileges than their wives or children. Nevertheless, such evidence indicates that women in ancient Persia were not an undifferentiated mass leading a secluded life behind high walls without any function other than child rearing.

Of course, not all women enjoyed the same status or power in Ancient Persia. Royal women certainly enjoyed more influence than non-royal women. In art, we can see royal women depicted almost identically to men with similar clothes, hairstyles and poses, so we can conclude that they enjoyed many of the same rights and privileges as men. Women at the royal court gained their position by the relationship to a male king. according to history we can find out that in the Ancient Egypt royal women had pretty much same situation as Persian Royal women. Also, women especially royal women in both Egypt and Persia in some point made big decision and had good influence on society and helped the government to make equal right for men and women.

Egypt and Persia were two of biggest ancient civilization in the history. They had kind of women right at that time but in general we can see in Ancient Persia it was better situation for human right. Although in Ancient Egypt they had slave and some people believe there were no human right at that time but still we can see equality of human right in Ancient Egypt and Persia more than other ancient society.

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