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Ancient Egyptian Culture

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Although people hail from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, there are still some peculiar traits, behavioral patterns and approach to life that one can spot and that can be attributed to some cultures. When I say this, I do not imply that some culture are the same, rather what I mean to say is that when placed side by side, cultures have some unique similarities and as expected, differences. In this essay, the ancient Egyptian culture and the American culture will be used as a case study.

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Ancient Egyptian Culture
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In the ancient Egyptian, there is a clear definition of the equality of sexes as regards some basic rights and social responsibilities. Like in the American culture, a woman has a rightful claim to the wealth of the husband in case of divorce.  Also, like the present American economy, ancient Egypt was known for its buoyant economy and trade. Apart from these, a notable similarity in ancient Egypt and the American culture is that both cultures have a high taste for fashion.

Class separation was also part of the ancient Egyptian culture and this is also a part of the American culture.

However, there are some unique differences in these two cultures. Unlike the American culture, the family system in ancient Egyptian culture is built around the father. There is also the respect for the parental figures in ancient Egypt as it is believed that it is the desire of the gods to respect and honor your parents. Apart from this, there is a sharp difference between the forms of government of both cultures. While the form of government in the ancient Egyptian culture is monarchical, the form of government in America is democratic. Also, American culture supports liberalism and freedom while in the ancient Egyptian culture, there are restrictions and you can not speak against the king as the king is supreme.

 Summarily, I am of the opinion that although there are some unique things that characterized both cultures, their compatibility is a myth. This is because they are not from the same time, and while one can be said to belong to the western culture, the other is influenced by the mid-eastern culture.


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