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Andrew Jackson Biography

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    Andrew Jackson, born in 1767 was a child of poorScotch-Irish immigrants. He ended up with enough educationJacksons father died before he was born. TheRevolutionary War started soon after he was born. It wasvery bloody in the wild and poor country where they lived. Jackson at the age of 13, joined a regiment. He was capturedby the British, was wounded and nearly killed by a sword tothe face for not polishing a British officers boots. He andhis brother, imprisoned together, caught smallpox.

    Jacksons mother got the boys released, but his brotherdied on the long trip home. His mother later went to tendwounded American prisoners and was fatally stricken byBy his 30s Jackson had been elected a member of theUnited States House of Representatives of Tennessee and wassenator, but resigned after one year.

    During The War of 1812, Jackson had some difficultiesdue to some enemies he made. In between overcoming variousIndian tribes they won the war. After most of the capitolcity of Washington was burned by the British, the AmericansJackson became a United States Major General- this wasvery different from a state militia Major General. Hecontinued to have military successes, though in his invasionof Spanish Florida, he got the reputation of being a kind ofIn 1821, Jackson, at the age of 54 was in a verydangerous state of health. He, like many other southernershad defended his Honor in 2 or 3 duels and 1 shoot-out. Hetook two bullets. One lodged beside his heart and the otherAt about this time, the Hero of New Orleans wasperhaps the most popular man in the country. He received aFavorite Son endorsement for the presidency from his stateof Tennessee. Believing that Washington had become a Sinkor corruption, he felt called to work for the office. Togain credibility, he ran for and won a seat in the Senate.

    This time, in his maturity, he handled the job well, makinga favorable impression on the old government hands. Many ofwhich had expected a wild man dressed in buckskins. Jacksonimmediately made peace with Thomas Hart Benton, who oncesaid Jackson would thrash in the streets of Nashville.

    Thomas, with the company of his brother, left a bullet inJacksons arm in one of his duels. They became close allies.

    Jackson was bitterly disappointed in 1824 by a 4-wayrace in which he won a substantial plurality, but lost toJohn Quincy Adams in the House of Representatives. In 1828,Jackson won a landslide victory. The new Democratic party,which he helped forge, brought a temporary end to all thefighting and arguing of the parties in American politics.

    This time was sometimes called the Era of Good FeelingsOn December 22, 1928, a few weeks before Jacksonsinauguration, he was thrown into a deep sadness, caused bythe death of his wife. He believed that she had died becauseof the abusive attacks by the press of the other side. Jackson at times would use his power and authority as aHot-Headed man, going into simulated rages. And at othertimes, he could appear as the most courteous GentlemanEven though his wife had just passed away, he made itto his inauguration. The morning was bright and clear. Yetthere was still snow on the ground which made it very muddy. As Andrew looked out of his window, he saw all of the peoplecoming to Washington to shake his hand. Usually theinauguration was a very peaceful and quiet event. Not thistime! All of the guests were his friends. In their muddyboots, self-made coon-hats, and many other irregularclothes, the northwestern fur traders, mountain men,hunters, and old soldiers came marching to the White House.

    They broke through the lines of guards and came crashingthrough the front door. They ripped clothes, smashed finechina and glasses, and climbed on $150 chairs ruining them.

    In order to get all of these vandals out, the butlersand organizers moved all of the punch bowls and food traysDuring Jacksons presidency, he took care of many majorevents. One was his refusal to submit to South Carolina.

    They said they would make their own country, because theydid not want to pay the ridiculously high federal tariffs.

    He rejected the principal they tried to establish that astate could decide on its own whether federal laws appliedHe eliminated the second Bank of the United States.

    This was a very interesting move. On the one hand, the bankhad done much to provide a stable environment in whichbusiness could operate. But on the other hand, they were aprivate monopoly given a huge privileged place in theeconomy, and they used their influence to try to affectHe carried on a strong and generally successfuldiplomacy, getting amends from countries which had damagedUnited States shipping during The War of 1812.

    He did much to push the Indians to the west of theMississippi. This formed the Trail of Tears, called sobecause thousands of Indians died due to disease orHis government eliminated the National Debt for thefirst time. Jackson did a great deal of belt-tighteningand eliminated corrupt public officials. Mostly though thefederal government benefited by the massive migration to thewest, and consequently profited from the sale of publicBecause of the strong opposition he created in Congressand elsewhere, a cohesive new party of opposition (theIn 1832, campaign for Jacksons reelection was foughtin the midst of two crises. One was triggered by Jacksonsveto to renew the Banks charter. It did not have to berenewed until 1836 but was brought for renewal in 1832 outof political considerations by Jacksons opposition. Theother crises was South Carolinas pending rebellion.

    Jacksons Vice President was a South Carolinian and heresigned before his term was over so he could assume a seatin the Senate. Jackson again won by a landslide, with thehelp of his expert political manager, Martin Van Buren.

    Van Buren won the presidency in 1836, but served onlyone term. He was growing unpopular when in 1837, adeposition struck. Many blamed this on Jacksons slaying ofOn Sunday, June 8, 1845, the doctor came to the WhiteHouse to check on the very ill Andrew Jackson. All of hisservants were crowded around the chair he was sitting in.

    Jackson said good bye to all of them, and kissed and blessedall of his family. He then removed the small picture of hiswife, Rachel, that he wore around his neck and put it ontheir daughter Little Rachel. He told her to wear it at alltimes. Then as everybody wept, he told them not to cry, andpromised that they would all meet each other again inA few hours later Jacksons good friend, Sam Houston,rushed into the room to find a white faced dead Jackson. Hewas sitting in his chair as stiff as a statue. He dropped tohis knees, and wept. When he stood up he grabbed a nearbyboy and told him My son, try to remember that you havelooked upon the face of Andrew Jackson. One of the greatestTwo days after Jackson died friends and family buriedhim in the garden right next to his wife Rachel. TheThat was all it said, but it was enough.

    Overall, the Era of Jackson was a big step forAmerica. He made many of good decisions, and some badactions as president. I would still name him one of theBibliography:1) Coit, Margaret. Andrew Jackson . Boston: Riverside Press Cambridge,1965.

    2) Jackson, Andrew. Young Peoples Encyclopedia of the United States.

    2nd edition. 1992-1993.

    3) Jackson, Andrew. America Online. May 7, 1999. Online posting: 1995.

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