The Innocence anf Guilibility of the Animals in Animal Farm

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All Meetings were led by the pigs, namely Snowball and Napoleon, who were lways in disagreement. The most intelligent creatures, who were the pigs and dogs, had learned to expertly read and write. On the other hand, most of the others were illiterate. The sheep, which were the most senseless, were known to at random times take up bleating one of Animal Farm’s motto’s””four legs bad, ?o legs good. ” This was the sole thing they learned. As time continues, the pigs, assuming their roles as leaders, begin to reduce rations of food, and restrict certain items from the general population. The apples and milk were reserved only for them.

They convince the other nimals this step is imperative. These foods help provide necessary nourishment. It is imperative the pigs stay in good health. The pigs explain to the animals that if they do not have these nutrients they might fail in their studies and the hated Mr. Jones would return. The animals simply accept their reasoning. Mr. Jones, having been exiled from his farm, begins to spread foul rumors about Animal Farm. He tries to convince neighboring farmers that the animals’ are miserable and wicked. It begins to be believed the animals on Animal Farm practice cannibalism, tortured one another, and have their emales in common.

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Everyone trusts Animal Farm will nosedive and their rebellion will crumble. After some time, new rumors begin to circulate. Animal Farm is certainly was not failing”in fact it is whispered it is a wonderful prosperous place. Soon enough, waves of rebelliousness begin to hiss throughout the countryside enraging and terrifying the humans. At this point Mr. Jones takes action. Assembling a group of farmers, he storms Animal Farm and fights to reclaim his territory”only to fail. The animals, masterminded by Snowball, had prepared. They have effectively scared the humans away. Winter arrives and the animals continue their tough work.

In the Meetings, the pigs who are now firmly established as the most intelligent creatures, continue to control the gatherings. Snowball, the more refined and persuasive pig, is continually at odds with Napoleon and whatever they finally agree on is ratified by vote. Eventually, the two pigs began to face each other with even more animosity. Snowball, set on the idea of building a windmill, begins to write down plans. Napoleon vehemently opposes this idea at every turn. After one such disagreement, Napoleon promptly stands up, and calls is large and frightening puppies which he had been secretly training.

He goes on to run Snowball off the farm, declaring him a traitor and proclaiming himself the sole leader of Animal Farm. Promptly, he discontinues the Meetings declaring no need for them. Anyone who dissents is quickly silenced. Continuing the labor tirelessly, the animals begin the construction of the windmill. Napoleon had convinced the population he was the original creator of the windmill and Snowball had stolen the ideas from him. There is a slight uneasiness, and even a few creatures dare to quietly disagree with he so called “fact” of Snowball as a traitor.

Building the windmill is strenuous, demanding, back-breaking work, but all the animals, excluding the pigs and the fierce, protective dogs, plod along tirelessly. The pigs and dogs take up residence in the farmhouse although this had previously been forbidden in the “Seven Commandments. ” No one protests out of fear of the dogs. Later on, the half-built windmill is mysteriously torn down and destroyed. Napoleon and Squealer persuade everyone it is Snowball’s doing. Therefore, they succeed in inputting a hatred for the pig in the minds of the animals.

Animal Farm Reflection #2 Chapters 3-7 Savannah White As the story continues, the reality of the deprived animal’s situation comes to light. While the animals are truly convinced and willing to lay down their lives in a crusade for freedom and equality, they are being fooled. Orwell, the author of Animal Farm, uses irony to portray the vital concept of what they are fighting for and what they believe they are fighting for. An example of this is illustrated by the way they battle valiantly against Mr. Jones. The creatures are devoted to ideals and principles they do not fully understand.

They are certain they are protecting themselves from oppression. While the truth of the situation is, they are unwittingly succumbing to the pigs’ new regime”which is quickly becoming more human-like. The pigs are using their intelligence to manipulate the others’ apathy and innocence. The pigs, Napoleon and Squealer, are proficient in spreading lie-filled propaganda that allows the pigs and dogs to conceal their greed. They use both linguistic and physiological approaches to control the other creatures in order to convince them that the strict rules they are enforcing are imperative in retaining their freedom.

Unfortunately, it becomes evident the pigs are oppressing their “people” in order to consolidate their power. “The pigs did no tactually work, but directed and supervised the others. With their superior knowledge it was only natural that they would assume the leadership” (Orwell, pg. 29). They overwork the animals and use propaganda to cover up their false intentions. In the opinion of Orwell, the socialist goals of the Russian Revolution rapidly became worthless rhetorical utensils used by the communists to control the people and anyone who opposed them.

Through all of these situations, it is vident the animals’ general gullibility is due to lack of education. Simply put, they are stupid. “[When trying to learn the alphabet] none of the other animals could get past the letter A” (Orwell, pg. 33). While a few of them master the alphabet, the majority cannot get past a few letters. Due to their lack of intelligence, the animals are easily persuaded this way and that. “The animals were not certain what [the pigs] meant, but [they] spoke so persuasively, and the dogs growled so threateningly, that they accepted [the pigs] explanations without further questions” (Orwell, pg. 8). Education and ruly understanding what is conspiring around oneself is crucial. In the case of the animals, learning the simple abilities to read and write could have saved heartache and toil. If they had been “educated” they could have realized the reality of the situation before it spiraled out of hand. When an animal occasionally comes to his senses and meekly protests, he also quickly silenced by the vicious snarling of the dogs. One thing is certain”fear is greater than just about anything. This clearly illustrates the truth Orwell, the author, is trying to convey. Humanity is stupid.

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