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Animal Farm Presentation

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“What do the theme texts tell us about the corruption of power? ” Today I’m going to talk about “corruption of power”. As we know power can used for help others such as to help the social vulnerable group or the power can also used to abuse the social vulnerable group. Same power, but uses in two ways the reactions are totally different. The reason why I chose this topic is because of after watched the film “To kill a mockingbird” base on the novel by Harper Lee and read the book “Animal farm” by George Orwell.

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Animal Farm Presentation
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I can feel the corruption of power in our society. So, what corruption of power? We can simply define corruption of power as use power to abuse others or make use of somebody. Too much power will leads to loss control of it, like the example from “Animal farm”. Napoleon and Snowball are the leaders of the animal farm; they both have same power to manage the farm.

But Napoleon always have the different opinions with Snowball, he wanted to control the whole farm by himself, so he took away Jessie’s puppies and train them as his attendants.

He chased Snowball away form him by used puppies. After that, he has the power to control whole farm and no one can reject him. He changed the command which given by old major, he slept on the bed, he drink alcohol; kill the animal who rebel him and trade with human. He makes the animals to work harder than before and no one can against him. Due to Napoleon have too much power, he loss control of it; he can do anything what he wants to do without any restriction. It leads to a corruption of power.

Not only Napoleon but also the sheep in the farm help him to increase the power. Although the sheep did not thing, they represent the people who are naive and ignorant. Because they do what Napoleon told them to do and said what Napoleon told them to said. They were not thinking anything. This salutation makes the corruption gross intensively and easier. This story told us the reasons why totalitarian forces occur in our society. It is a kind of abuse the rights. Another example is form the film “To kill a mocking bird”.

This film was really touched me. It is a story of a white man defended a black man who accused of raping a white woman. Throughout this story, we can see the depravity of power. The story told through from the perspective of two children. If you still remember the details in the film, for instance, black citizens of the town were not allow to sit in the same area with the whites. This is one aspect that highly points out black citizens were discriminated by whites. I was impress by a scene which is Atticus defined Tom Robinson in the court.

Atticus have already given enough evidence to prove that Tom Robinson is innocence, but at the end of the trail, the jury, which is a group of whites, believes that Tom Robinson is convicted of raping. The jury has the power to judge the accused, obviously, they could determine Tom Robinson as innocence, but the weren’t, because they against black people at that time. Clearly, this is a representation of corruption of power. The jury has the absolute power and they were ignorance, base on this absolute power, nobody can reject it and it becomes a corruption.

Turn to the realistic society, not only the absolute power will leads to a corruption, but also people’s moral values weaken, this is one of the main reasons that we can not ignored. Like the sheep and boxer are good examples of the naive people in this society, moral behavior are disorder, this disorder is reflected in the politics of the corruption of power, corruption, bribery, abuse of power and so on. These are the reasons why the corruption of power grown up in our society.

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