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Animal Farm Political Speech Assignment

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  • Pages 3
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    Comrades! I am Snowball. I once stood next to all of you, helped and taught you all how to farm, how to read and write. I was very committed back then. I came up with all the different plans that benefited the Animal Farm, such as the windmill. Until a few months later after the rebellion, Napoleon who had always opposed me, got jealous. So, he chased me out with those bewildered dogs, stole my plans for the windmill, blamed me for everything, and corrupted Minimalism as he took total control over the farm.

    Before my expulsion, you all saw me drawing and planning out every detail for he windmill, hoping to help out all the animals by having less work to be done. Then, I was chased out, and I wasn’t appreciated for all my hard work that I was devoted in. Instead, Napoleon stole my credits and even called me a thief for stealing “his” plans and a “traitor” who was allied with our enemy, Mr.. Jones. How could he come up with such a plan and pretend to oppose it? Let us say that if I really did stole the plans, he could of put me legally on trial, instead of using those untamed dogs to go after me, and almost taken my life.

    After Napoleon exiled me, I could not even get near the farm since the dogs ere alert of me. As for the windmill that night, it was because of a storm. Just think about it, how could it be possible for a pig like me to budge a huge bolder, how could have I even push and destroy it. Just think for a moment for all the details. It took you all and the assistance of Boxer to slowly lift up a stone and you expect me to move it in the dark, and destroy all of your hard work? Come on Comrades! I know you all questioned the truth when you first heard the news.

    You all had been brainwashed by Squealer, who could persuade and confuse people to believe that black is infect white. After was gone, Napoleon took hold of all the power, and used it unfairly, corrupting our Minimalism. First, he changed and disobeyed the “original” Seven Commandments. He broke the rule that stated, ” All animals are equal,” He told you all that working on Sunday afternoons ‘Was strictly voluntary, but any animal who absented himself from it would have his rations reduced by half. He seemed to offer a choice, but who would want to go hungry when they do not even have enough food for themselves right now. You all had gone back to those miserable lives under Mr.. Jones. Look closely, you all will realize that the life right owe is no different from the previous one, or perhaps, only worse. Napoleon also broke the sixth commandment, which stated “No animal shall kill another animal”. But see for yourselves, did he really follow this commandment?

    Although it seems as if he did follow the rules, but he did not go over a process to legally punish animals, instead he used authority and power to kill or execute other animals who oppose them or went against them. Isn’t this basically the same as killing other animal? Comrades, take a look closely at all the things that are happening around you all, use your logic and think about the truth. Do you all ally think that I am the one who is going against our Minimalism? You all know how I value our equalities and how I value the treatment we get.

    It should be fairly clear that Napoleon is the tyrant who is no different from Mr.. Jones. He wants the power, authority, and the benefits all for himself. Does he really care for the well being of you all? He only cares how much you contribute to the farm, and how he can exploit you all. You should all trust me and come under my protection. We should all join together and rebel, to once again step back on to the road that leads to our dream society, our Animal Farm that we all longed for. Thankful.

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