Animal Farm Political Speech Assignment

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Comrades! I, Snowball, was once among all of you comrades, assisting you and imparting knowledge on farming, reading, and writing. During that time, I was fully dedicated. It was me who conceived various advantageous strategies for the Animal Farm, including the windmill. However, jealousy consumed Napoleon, who had always opposed me. Eventually, he expelled me from the farm with his confused dogs, appropriated my windmill plans, accused me of all wrongdoing, and tainted Minimalism as he assumed complete dominion over the farm.

Before my expulsion, you all witnessed my dedication to the windmill project as I meticulously drew and planned every detail, with the intention of lightening the workload for all the animals. Despite my hard work and dedication, I was unjustly chased away and my efforts went unappreciated. Furthermore, Napoleon deceitfully took credit for my work and branded me a thief for allegedly stealing “his” plans. He even accused me of being a traitor aligned with our enemy, Mr. Jones. How could he devise such a scheme and pretend to oppose it? If I had truly stolen the plans, he could have pursued legal action against me instead of employing violent dogs to terrorize me and nearly take my life.

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After being exiled by Napoleon, I couldn’t approach the farm because of the vigilant dogs. The windmill incident that happened that night was caused by a storm. Consider this, how could I, a pig, possibly manage to move and demolish a large boulder? Take a moment to reflect on all the details. It took all of you and Boxer’s assistance to slowly lift a stone, so how could you expect me to move it in the darkness and ruin your hard work? Come on, Comrades! I know you all had doubts about the truth when you first heard the news.

Squealer manipulated all of you, convincing and confusing individuals into believing that white is actually black. After Squealer left, Napoleon seized complete control and unfairly abused it, corrupting our Minimalism. Initially, he changed and ignored the “original” Seven Commandments. He violated the principle stating that “All animals are equal.” Napoleon declared that working on Sunday afternoons was “strictly voluntary,” but any animal who chose not to participate would have their food rations halved. He appeared to present a choice, but who would willingly go hungry when there is already a scarcity of food? You all have returned to the miserable lives we had under Mr. Jones. Examine closely and realize that our current existence is no different from the past, or perhaps even worse. Napoleon also broke the sixth commandment prohibiting animals from killing one another. But see for yourselves if he truly followed this commandment.

Despite appearing to follow the rules, he did not adhere to a proper legal process for punishing animals. Instead, he used his authority and power to kill or execute animals who opposed or went against him. Isn’t this essentially the same as killing other animals? Comrades, examine closely the events unfolding around you, employ your logic, and consider the truth. Do you truly believe that I am the one contradicting our commitment to minimalism? You all are aware of my reverence for equality and fair treatment.

It is evident that Napoleon, just like Mr. Jones, is a tyrant who desires power, authority, and personal benefits. His concern lies solely on your contributions to the farm, as he seeks to exploit all of you. I urge you to place your trust in me and seek my protection. Let us unite and revolt, returning to the path that leads to our ideal society, the Animal Farm we have all yearned for. Grateful.

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