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According to Pangborn, a farmer is able to implement their goals and objectives by using a SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis is the strategic planning method to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of an organisation or a brand. This is very important to have a clear analysis on the brand to achieve the goals and objectives (Baranova 2010). 2. 1Strengths: Modern technology and improving R&D in biotechnology of Fonterra to improve the brand especially in their popular brand Anlene is the strongest strengths of the company. The awareness of the public towards the bone against age is increasing nowadays.

Therefore, the improvement of the specialty ingredient of the milk power for the bone benefits must be move faster and effectively (Fonterra 2012). Besides, the stability of the milk source from New Zealand and other foreign affiliates is also very important to make sure the quantity and quality of the dairy product always meet the consumers’ demand. Anlene is one of the brands which famous on the enriched calcium ingredient of the milk products especially in Asia region (Fonterra 2012). The improvements of the milk powder ingredient never slow down in the R&D of the biotechnology in dairy products.

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Moreover, there are several products for Anlene brand such as Anlene regular, Anlene gold, Anlene concentrated and etc. Each products of Anlene focused on the particular market target. For instance, Anlene gold is focused for 50 years old and above. The innovation and value adding on the products are always the main point of the brand. Anlene is now with chocolate flavour in order to fulfil the demand of the market of the consumers who not interested in dairy products but do care of their own health. 2. 2 Weaknesses One of the common weaknesses of the dairy product is the quantity of the production.

The mass production must be controlled to prevent the deterioration. High production of the milk product which exceeds the consumer demand will affect the quantity of the products. Milk products need to be produced in well-controlled and protected storage in order to guarantee the quality of the products (Baranova 2010). The innovation on the invention of new products of Anlene brand is very limited because there is no much big space for the improvement. It is a big challenge for Anlene to further improve on its product in order to face more demand of the consumers on the product variety.

High price of Anlene products is one of the challenges for Anlene to become competent in the dairy products industry. Anlene milk products are slightly higher than other competitors with same target market. 2. 3 Opportunities The market target of Anlene products is on the female adults. There is opportunity for Anlene to expand the new target market to male by improving the formula of the milk powder which can provide the benefit to male’s health and bone. By having both female and male as the target market, Anlene will be able to have higher earnings from the milk powder products.

Public awareness on the healthy and bone is increased. Consumers are now very aware and care on the food ingredients which can help to protect and improve their healthy. The education levels of the public increase and hence the demands on the quality of their life eventually increase. Besides, Fonterra co-operates with International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) since 2007. The partnership of IOF’s Regional Nutrition Partner Asia-Pacific in 2010 helps Anlene to provide education to increase awareness in the region. This gives Anlene the opportunity to promote the benefits of the products towards the bone nutrition (Fonterra 2012). . 4 Threats There are increasing trend for the specialty ingredient dairy products which have the same target market as Anlene. Anlene is facing the challenge to improve and vary the flavour and formula of the products in order to maintain the business on the targeted market (Baranova 2010). Improvement of R&D on the ingredient and formula of the milk products need to be speed up in order to fulfil the demand and requirement of the consumers. Consumer’s demands on the supplement food increased and hence Anlene has to find the way to improve the product to meet the requirement.

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