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Our group is doing about the shampoo product which is Sunsilk shampoo. The brand of Sunsilk is primary targeted on women and it is one of the products from Unilever Company. Unilever Company has divided in 3 categories of brand which are food, home care and as well as personal care. Sunsilk is one of the hair care product in the personal care brand. It is a global brand and sells in 80 countries around the global. No matter any type of hair or problem, Sunsilk products will know how to make your hair feel and look better, beautiful, naturally and so on. Besides, Sunsilk passion in life is to help women celebrate looking beautiful every day and anywhere. There are 8 types of Sunsilk shampoo.

Those are Sunsilk Stunning Black Shine (black), Sunsilk Damaged Hair Reconstruction (orange), Sunsilk Lively Clean and Fresh (light green), Sunsilk Strong and Sleek (green), Sunsilk Straight Perfection (silver), Sunsilk Silky Smooth and Manageable (pink), Sunsilk Anti-Dandruff Solution (blue), and Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution (gold). Every bottle of Sunsilk has the experience the expert touch because Sunsilk Co-Creations has been formulated together with 7 of the world’s best hair experts. The aim of this report is hope to know about the Sunsilk shampoo, marketing environment of Sunsilk, segmentation, targeting, positioning and as well as the 4Ps that used by the Sunsilk. In order to complete the report, we are collected data from internet, promotion material and media as well.  Company Background

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William Hesketh Lever is the founder of Lever Bros that had wrote down his ideas of sunlight soap which is his revolutionary of new product that helped popularize the cleanliness and hygiene in Victorian England in 1980’s. The reason for it was to make the common place to be clean and to lesser the burden for women that to make their life more enjoyable and rewarding for Unilever products users. The “Corporate Mission” was invented a long time ago, but these ideas have been in the heart of their business. The history which have been for 3 centuries long, major events of the day have influenced Unilever’s success such as during economic boom, depression, world wars, changing of consumer lifestyle and advance in technologies. In addition, we’ve created products to help people to get more out of life that are cutting the time spent on household chores, improving nutrition, enabling people to enjoy food and take care of their homes, their clothes and themselves.

In Malaysia, the Unilever story begins in 1947 with the opening of the first Lever Brothers soap and margarine manufacturing plant in Bangsar. Costing RM 12 million, it was reputed to be the largest factory in the country, with machines that could wrap 124 bars of soap a minute. Manufacturing capabilities expanded as the portfolio of products grew, making Lever Brothers a significant employer of the time. With a presence in Malaysia spanning over 60 years, Lever Brothers, who adopted the global Unilever name in 1994, has played a unique role in bearing witness to the country’s economic, social and political development. Unilever Malaysia is a private limited company that is 70% owned by Unilever PLC (UK), 23 % by Pemodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) and the remaining 7% by Lembaga Tabung Haji. They have about 550 Malaysia employees and a food factory in Rawang, Selangor. Today, many Unilever products have “household” awareness status, with the brands becoming part of daily life in homes from Kuala Lumpur to far-flung kampongs. The challenge of developing brand awareness has been met eagerly by the company, with the evolution of marketing and promotional techniques, responding sensitively to the complex cultural nuances prevalent in Malaysian society.

From 1947 to date, Unilever has become institutionalized for the role it plays in the marketing of consumer goods in Malaysia. Efforts in understanding local consumers have brought about some of the top brands in the market today such as Dove, Lux, Clear, Lifebuoy, Ponds, Breeze, Sunsilk, Fair & lovely, Lipton and Planta which add vitality to consumers lives. A leader in research and development, Unilever has kept up with the pace of change by continuously striving to reconnect with consumers, focus on brand portfolio and pioneer new channels through strong roots in local markets and first-hand knowledge of culture. Unilever’s adaptability to new trends was reaffirmed in 2003 when, after 56 at the Bangsar site, the company moved to its new high technology home in Menara TM. As a responsible corporate citizen, Unilever actively participates in local community activities, enabling education for underprivileged children, raising environment awareness and using the special connection with various brands to attract public attention and support for charity initiatives. The company strives for excellence within its many roles in Malaysia today, as an employer, marketer, development partner, innovator and “citizen”. With more than 60 years presence in this country, this multi-local multinational will continue to embrace new consumer expectations, adding vitality to life.

Marketing Environment
The two main marketing environmental forces that will affect the Sunsilk shampoo are competitive forces as well as legal and regulatory forces. I. Competitive force Competitive force has many types of competition which contained of brand, product, generic and total budget. Sunsilk exist brand competitors in the competitive force and also pure competition in the competitive structures. Sunsilk is acting as a market challenger against Head & Shoulder and Rejoice. Both of these brands are from the P&G Company and the features and benefits are to the same customers at similar price. By the way, Sunsilk has the advantage of keeping their prices as lower as compared to P&G’s shampoo products but P&G has captured a bigger share of the market due to its intense promotional activities. Nowadays, Sunsilk also faced the product competitor that is directing selling company- Amway, Cosway and Elken. They were like to build a long-term relationship with the customer and to purchase their shampoo product with getting rewards, add up pointing and given membership to attract their customer. While, Sunsilk is always using the advertising to always let our customers to keep the brand in their mind and remain the market share. II.Legal and Regulatory forces

Legal and regulatory force can be defined as a number of national laws influence marketing decisions and activities. Sunsilk has followed the Consumer Protection Legislation. It is a type of consumer protection law deal with the consumer safety, hazardous materials, information disclosure, and specific marketing practices. Sunsilk listed the Shampoo ingredients of shampoo which approved by government, cautions and function of the shampoo. Besides that, Sunsilk also had been following the Regulatory Agencies. By doing this, Sunsilk develop product safe, and the price of Sunsilk is set at the affordable price that can be used by every standard of level family. We are given the true advertising to our customers and the product can buy at every state in Malaysia. Segmenting, Targeting, & Positioning

Segmentation Variable
Segmentation variables are characteristics that used to divide a market into different segments which include individuals, groups, or organisations. Sunsilk use few of the segmentations which are demographic, psychographic and behaviouristic. Demographic

The target market for Sunsilk shampoo are more to female who age between 16 to 40 years old. Besides targeting gender and age, Sunsilk shampoo also focus on family size where small family will buy small bottle of Sunsilk shampoo while bigger family will buy big bottle of shampoo so that everyone in the family can use it longer. Psychographic

For lifestyle segment, ladies nowadays wants their hair to be clean and shiny, so they prefer to use Sunsilk shampoo as this brand is much more preferable for the ladies. In the other hand, personality attribute are users may prefer to use Sunsilk shampoo for beautiful hair, aroma produced by the shampoo. Behaviouristic

Sunsilk shampoo had been divided into many different types of shampoo for different users to solve their hair problem. In addition, it will make our target market will feel more confident and comfortable when meet with other people. Targeting

The appropriate targeting strategy used in Sunsilk is differentiated strategy. Differentiated marketing strategy is a strategy in which an organization targets two or more segments by developing a marketing mix for each segment. As for Sunsilk product, we assumes that all customers in the target market for a specific kind of products have different product and function, and thus the organization can satisfy different customers with different marketing mix. Sunsilk product consists of 8 different type of function products in Malaysia, which product with 6 sizes which is 120ml, 160ml, 180ml, 350ml, 375ml and 700ml with the different prices and promotional program aimed at every type of hairs but same distribution system to reach the customers in the total market. Product Positioning

Product positioning is referring to the decisions and activities which are intended to create and maintain a certain concept of a product in customers’ minds. When marketers introduce a product, they will try to position it so it appears to have the characteristics the target market most desires. Furthermore, Sunsilk shampoo’s first impression provides real solution to modern women’s which includes damaged hair, anti dandruff, and hair fall as well. Besides that, aroma produced by the shampoo also gives the customers a good impression when they see the product. In addition, its benefit for women nowadays is always fashionable joy and Sunsilk shampoo can fulfil the needs of these fashions. Meanwhile, the product features include extra protection for hair, healthy & shiny hair, soften the hair, straighten the hair, repair damaged hair and reduce hair fall is one of the bases for positioning. Sunsilk shampoo doesn’t cost consumer a heavy price compare to other competitors. Product

Product is plays a principle roles in marketing mix. Product can be anything that offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use or consumption that might satisfy a want or need. Product means to researching customer’s needs and wants and designing product that satisfies them. A product can be good, services and as well as ideas and yet products can be classified as tangible or intangible. A tangible product is a physical object that can be perceived directly such as a house, automobile, and computer. An intangible product is a product that can only be perceived indirectly such as an insurance policy and etc. Sunsilk shampoo is under tangible product because it can be perceived directly from the hair shampoo and yet Sunsilk shampoo is a hair care brand and primarily aimed at women, leading hair care brand but as strong ranks as one of the Anglo-Dutch conglomerate’s “billion dollar brands”. It shows Sunsilk shampoo has a good quality of production.

Level of product and services
The most basic level is the core customer value. The consumer will found out what is the buyer really buying? When designing a product, marketers must first define the core and the benefits of product or services that the consumers seek. For example, when customer buying Sunsilk shampoo, they are not only buying the shampoo, but they also buying the core benefit of the
shampoo because the customers can prevent from hair problems such as hair fall, dry and so on. Moreover, product planners must turn the customer value into an actual product. The producers need to develop product features, designs, a quality level, a brand name and packaging as well. Moreover, Sunsilk will develop more their product based on customer needs and satisfaction. It names, brands, designs, features and packaging have been combined carefully to deliver the core benefit of staying connected. For example, when customer purchasing Sunsilk shampoo, they wish to received a good or better value and as well as attention to details from the employees. The customer choosing the best shampoo units is based on the typically process of finding the most comfortable and functional pieces for an economical price and functionality is another key factor to consider when selecting shampoo units and the outlook of the package is black and golden, which can give customer a noble, mysterious and grand image as well. Product classifications

Product can be categorized into two broad classes according on the types of consumer who use them, consumer products and industrial product. Consumer products are product that bought by final consumers that can satisfy their needs and wants. There are several types of consumer products such as shopping products, specialty products, convenience product and unsought products. Sunsilk shampoo is under the convenience product because it is inexpensive item that merits little shopping effort. Buyers will also compare Sunsilk shampoo with the nearly similar product such as Pantene or Rejoice shampoo.

Brand can be defined as a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers. A brand can take many forms, which including a name, sign, symbol, colour combination and slogan as well. Consumer’s views a brand as an important role of a product because it can identify and differentiate a product. By branding, it can also add value to a product and attract customers to purchase the product. Branding decisions

The first branding decision is whether to develop a brand name for a product. Unilever followed individual name for setting a brand name for their different products, such as Sunsilk, Dove (Shampoo) and as well as Ponds. Unilever get a major advantage of individual name strategies that the company does not tie to its reputation through the products. Brand elements

When deciding a brand name for a product, brand elements should be also bear in mind because these devices are identifying and differentiating the brand. Brand elements are included memorable, meaningful, likable, and adaptable as well. Memorable: Every consumers mind catches the brand name. Their marketing programs set the brand name in consumers mind. Their short brand name such as Sunsilk is easily for consumer to remember. Meaningful: Every consumer has a clear meaning towards Sunsilk. Consumer thinks about Sunsilk is a good product which can solve relating to their hair problem such as dandruff, hair fall, and etc. Likable: From our research we found that most of the consumer likes the brand verbally and visually. Adaptable: Another fact which we can refer in Sunsilk is different pack size and new formulas are easily accepted by the consumers. Product item

A specific version of a product that can be designated as a distinct offering among an organization’s products. The Sunsilk range has divided into two types of shampoo and conditioner which are blockers and as well as boosters. Boosters are product platforms with benefits that easily switch girls on, such as shape, colour, design and shine as well. While, blockers are product platforms with benefits that remove barriers to girls feeling through scalp, dry and damage. We believe that dramatic change does not only depend on cut or permanent coloration. Hair offers the daily ability to transform mood, if not whole appearances, without any main cost or investment by making you feel great about the way you look.

Sunsilk Collection in Malaysia:-
-Sunsilk Stunning Black Shine

Removes dirt and reveals hair’s natural shine while protecting from UV rays which can cause hair to dull over time. It targets for those consumers whose
hair is dry and always under the sun. It results rich black hair that glows beautifully. -Sunsilk Damaged Hair Reconstruction

Penetrates, fills holes and cracks in each strand layer by layer. It includes a package of shampoo, hair condition, treatment and as well as leave on. With Sunsilk damaged hair reconstruction shampoo it can be more cleanses and distrubuting the reconstructive particles evenly, and Sunsilk damaged hair reconstruction treatment can restores and as well as intensely nourishes. Sunsilk damanged hair resconstruction conditioner can nourishes reconstructing beneath hair surface and sunsilk damaged hair reconstruction leave on is to protect against future damage. It targets for those consumers whose hair is damage or dry. -Sunsilk Lively Clean & Fresh

Removes build up of excess scalp sebum-energizing in just one wash. It results in long-lasting freshness and scalp itchiness will be a thing of the past. It wills targets at those consumers whose hair is always itchy and to prevent itchy. -Sunsilk Strong & Sleek

Ensure fortifies hair fibers. It can be results in 10 times more protection against hair breakage and split ends as well. This includes Sunsilk strong & sleek shampoo and as well as conditioner. With Strong & Sleek shampoo is to cleanse hair, fortifies and protects hair fibers, where as conditioner is for nourishes and softens weakened hair fortifying from hair breakage and split ends. It targets for damage and weakened hair as well.

-Sunsilk Straight Perfection

Improves lines up hair fibers. This includes a set of Sunsilk Straight Perfection which contained shampoo, conditioner and as well as sedum. Shampoo is to lines up hair fibers to tame fizzy hair, where as conditioner to improve nourishes fluffy strands and untangle them and sedum is for further aligns hair, coats and protects hair when styling. It can be results in remarkably straighter and irresistably sleek look all day long. It targets for people wish to have a straight hair look all the day. -Sunsilk Silky Smooth & Manageable

Helps to align and reduce friction between strands. It consists a set of shampoo, conditioner, leav on and as well as treatment. Shampoo is to cleanses and coast and nutrients to smoothen. Conditioner is to detangle reduces friction so hair glides smoothly, where by leav on is to shields against harsh environments so hair stays smooth. Lastly, treatment is to 3 time’s concentrated formulation to lock in moisture in natural smoothness. It specific for those consumer hair is smoothless and frictionally. -Sunsilk Anti-Dandruff Solution

Helps to purify the scalp to eliminate dandruff. This also includes a set which are shampoo, conditioner and leave on. Firstly, shampoo is to protect hair’s natural condition from dryness and purifies scalp to eliminate dandruff and yet the conditioner is to nourishes and soothingly bonds with the scalp outer layers to prevent dandruff and whereas leave on is to treats the level of moisture the hair needs to protects and from dryness and flaking. It specific for those people who are not washing their hair often enough and cause dandruff. Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution

Helps to reduce hair fall by 93% and giving strong and abundant hair. This also includes a set of shampoo and conditioner. Hair Fall Shampoo is to fortifies hair to boost strength whereas conditioner is to nourishes, further reinforces hair from root to tip. It target for those people who are having hair fall problem and it can be solved if used of hair fall solution regularly.

Unilever has 150 distributors whose function is to sell to wholesalers directly. There are many different areas which are carefully selected and their performance is constantly evaluated. They appear to be extremely satisfied with their channel systems and have a good relationship with them. Unilever’s statements were verified by our consumer survey, which revealed that the retailers are very satisfied with Unilever’s distribution system, which allowed well-stocked shelves. This is an added advantage, since the consumers undergo habitual buying behavior. Sunsilk has a very good
distribution network across all the countries worldwide. They are struggling to adopt such channels that guarantee the perfect results regarding to the placement of their products. These distributors are given clear instructions regarding to the selection of the retailer and to ensure that the retailers know about the significant characterizes of the product. Place the product along with its major competitor such as P&G. Displays the sachet distinctly. They give off as well as on offer as trade promotion incentives to their distributors. They distributor contribute to the promotion of Sunsilk by word of mouth. Being a mass product with a market penetration of about 80%, Sunsilk aims to be the supplier of choice for its customers and to make sure that consumers have ready approach to its products through different distribution channels. Unilever confirm that the product reaches every consumer no matter where he or she is located. The product reaches the end consumer through retailers, supermarkets and small stores as well. Pricing

Sunsilk shampoo produces reliable shampoos with good quality in every packaging of different bottles. Different types of Sunsilk shampoo bottles contain different sizes and amount of shampoo which cost different amount of prices for each different sizes of bottles. Starting with the smallest bottle of Sunsilk shampoo which is equivalent to 120ml cost RM7.49, 160ml will cost consumers for RM7.69, while RM8.29 for 180ml. These bottles are for people who don’t use it often or use it for a short period of time such as for traveling use. In the other hand, consumers who are searching a bottle that can be used by a lot of people by sharing the same bottle of shampoo, Sunsilk also produce bigger bottles of shampoo such as 350ml which cost RM13.79 each, RM16.29 for a bigger bottle with 375ml amount of shampoo, and RM20.90 for the 700ml bottle. It is the biggest size of Sunsilk shampoo where the consumer usually buys it for family use so that everyone in the house can use it for a long time of period. The different sizes of shampoo bottles which are set with different prices allow users to buy the desire size of shampoo due to different situations buying behaviour and purchasing power of customer. Sunsilk have set this prices which are affordable for the amount of shampoo contained in a bottle to avoid price wars as well as to attract cost-conscious buyers. Besides, Sunsilk may also increase the amount of price to satisfy the customers by improving the quality of shampoo
produced. Sunsilk can also encourage their consumers to buy more by offering a lower price when their consumers buy up to RM50 per receipt of Sunsilk shampoo. To make sure that Sunsilk has the best price compare to other competitors, they have checked the market price of other competitors frequently and decides what type of price is the most suitable to be used. Promotion

Promotion mix is coordination of all promotional activities to produce a unified and customer-focused by using promotional message. Advertising, direct marketing, interactive/internet marketing, sale promotion, public relations, and personal selling are the traditional way of promotion mix. Promotion mix is important for every company. Objectives of promotion

To build consumer’s awareness
To create consumer’s interest
To provide information
To stimulate demand

The promotion mix that Sunsilk shampoo of Unilever Company using is by advertising in mass media, giving free trial, hosting roadshow in shopping malls, distributes flyers at shopping malls, introducing product through their Facebook page, and giving some extra amount of shampoo for a certain size of shampoo for a certain period of time. Sunsilk shampoo advertises in Television and newspaper. In 2008, Unilever Company uses celebrities like Madonna, Marilyn Monroe and Shakira to advertise on the campaign called “Life Can’t Wait”. Besides that, former Miss World Priyanka Chopra is the brand ambassador for Sunsilk in India. Besides that, from 1st May 2010 to 15th August 2010, Unilever is also giving out free 90ml shampoo for all Malaysian consumers to try. Just visit Sunsilk website to fill in a form and the product will be sent to your doorstep in no time. Moreover, Sunsilk shampoo also host road show events in various shopping malls in all around Malaysia for a period of time. By doing this, consumers who go to the shopping mall will be attracted by the road show events and they may buy Sunsilk shampoo. Sunsilk also distributes flyers at shopping malls so that there will be more consumers to notice and knows more about Sunsilk shampoo
where the outcome is they might buy Sunsilk shampoo immediately after reading the flyers. In addition, Sunsilk also have a page in Facebook to introduce their new product and for consumers who have problem with hair, they can ask though Sunsilk’s Facebook page. The page is free for the consumers to comment. Last but not least, Unilever Company also will give extra amount of shampoo to consumers if they buy Sunsilk often where the promotion will last for 1 or 2 months.

Unilever needs to maintain a good quality of the Sunsilk product with constant improvement. Besides that, they should to launch new products to satisfy the market needs and wants and compete pricing with the brand competitors. As for promotion, Sunsilk should promote their products at rural areas and let more people know about their product as well as benefits of their product. Sunsilk can also sponsor some events such as hair styling competition, which can promote their name during the event. Thus, audience, judges, and participants know about this brand. Unilever also should sponsor free Sunsilk product to orphanage to make their products more well-known. By doing this, the brand of Sunsilk will be more recognize by all the people around the world. In addition, they also can give some special offer or discount in a given period such as once in three months or once in every six months and distribution as well. Social networking website such as facebook can also be one of the ways to promote their products. Unilever can create a facebook’s page named Sunsilk to offer printable coupon online from their facebook page, due to this promotion they are able to sell more products by offering this coupon. Since, Sunsilk produces their biggest size of shampoo which is 700ml bottle. Thus, we recommend them to produce a bigger size of bottle which contains 1000ml amount of shampoo so that it can be used by a lot of people such as a big family. Therefore, they can share the same bottle of shampoo for a long time of period. Sunsilk’s management team needs to improve their weaknesses which include bad communication while serving their customers and weak management team in order to get higher sales. Unilever’s company can also co-operate with various saloon around the countries so that the hair stylist can use Sunsilk shampoo to wash their customer’s hair. By doing so, customers will get a chance to use Sunsilk
shampoo and will consider to buy it from the saloon if they feel the shampoo can satisfy their needs.

Sunsilk shampoo has offered 7 types of functions of hair shampoo that satisfy certain women in Malaysia that who have different hair problems. Sunsilk shampoo has targeted consumers market that age between 16 to 40 years old is more innovative. Women nowadays usually use Sunsilk shampoo to solve their hair problem. Sunsilk shampoo is also using different types of marketing strategies to attract more customers such as offering free samples or adjusting their advertising message to a new customer and maintain their potential customer. Sunsilk shampoo provides hair care solution available in 80 countries around the global. Sunsilk shampoo is able to use different segments within shampoo market no matter what type of hair problem the customer face. Sunsilk is the product to make the consumer hair feel and look fresh and beautiful every day.

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Voucher of Damaged Hair Reconstruction Shampoo
Products of Sunsilk shampoo

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